Living On Tater Peeler Road

Last night, on Twitter, I responded to a tweet from Angela Kulig and mentioned how I used to live on Tater Peeler Road in Tennessee.  I can’t believe the direct messages I received after that, not to mention the friends who were im-ing me about it after that tweet.  It’s funny how many people can’t believe I’ve lived on a road named Tater Peeler.  It is true though!  It was an interesting time living there.  Oh, and might I add that it was behind a Walmart?  I know it sounds funny, but totally true!  We even had a mason jar looking light cover over our front porch light.  Fun times. I still laugh about it to this day!  So, if you’re ever in Lebanon, Tennessee, go look for Tater Peeler Road. 🙂

tater peeler rd


I decided to find a picture of the road sign just to show you it’s existence.  However, there are two sides to Tater Peeler.  I lived on the original Tater Peeler Road, then there’s the highway, then Tater Peeler Road continues as SE Tater Peeler Road.  🙂

Now that I have shared this silly little memory of mine, I’m off to mail out some orders from the shop and get some stuff ready for this Saturday’s craft show!  First craft show of the season and I have to get everything in order and ready to go!  I’m trying some new things this year and will have some items up for sale as well, so don’t miss out!


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