Making Chainmaille

It’s been a while since I posted about this and due to a number of people asking me questions about my art in the past month, I figured I would write up this little post to answer some of those questions.

Do you make the jewelry you sell?

Yes, I do.  There some beaded pieces my mom has made, but usually it’s made by me.

Just some tools of the trade... and some coils I've made.

Just some tools of the trade… and some coils I’ve made.


Where do you buy the rings for your chainmaille?

Actually, I mostly make them myself.  It’s exceptionally rare I buy them.  I mostly work with a copper based wire that doesn’t tarnish and is usually sterling silver plated or plated in another color unless I’m going for an actual copper look.  I coil and cut the rings by hand, then use them to make whatever weave I have in mind.  Yes, it takes a little time, but I don’t mind it.  It actually relaxes me – even though sometimes the wire can get a little tangled, which annoys me.  As for buying rings, it would depend on the material and the size of the project.

What the... what?!

What the… what?!


How long have you been making jewelry?

Three years.


What inspired you to start making jewelry?

I’ve always loved jewelry, but how this really started was because I needed something to do.  I had torn a tendon in my leg three years ago and couldn’t walk for over three months.  I had always wanted to try to make chainmaille and always remembered watching a gypsy friend of mine make the rings for it.  So, I did some online research and bought the materials I needed to start.  By the time I recovered from my injury, I was addicted and selling my creations to my friends as well as online.  As time went on, I continued to develop my skills, continued to sell online, and then started setting up at craft shows.  Now, I do all of those and have some of my items in a store and looking for more!  It’s a business of passion and art.


Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely!  I love taking custom orders.  It gives me a challenge and sometimes inspires me to make some things in other ways that I hadn’t thought of before.  Plus, the color combinations some people come up with are fantastic.


If you could make more of a certain style, what would it be? 

Steampunk! I heart me some steampunk.  I love working with the bits and pieces and gears that make up the steampunk style.  If I could do more of it, I would.  In fact, I plan to!  😀


When did you start doing your other forms of art?

The record bowls were something I did long before chainmaille.  Otherwise, I’d like to think that my chainmaille is what unlocked my interest into exploring other forms of art.  I see DIY’s (and write them) and become inspired to try new things.  Sometimes those things end up becoming a DIY on Lake County Today, sometimes they end up as new products in the shop and at shows, and sometimes they’re just a flop and no one sees what I was up to – which believe me, sometimes it’s for the best.  Either way, I’m always expanding my artistic horizons. 🙂


I’ve seen you post a lot of jewelry lately.  What’s up with that?

Sometimes, I just get an urge to do lots and lots of jewelry.  Truthfully, it usually happens in the spring.  I think it’s my sub-conscience gearing up for the spring and summer craft shows, but it could be other things as well.  I’m mostly working on getting stock back up (I like to have a lot of it), have things ready for shops, and mostly just to make some new designs.

4 in a row


What is your next non-jewelry art project going to be?

Honestly?  Who knows.  I just do what I feel like doing and what sounds fun.  I guess that’s all art of being an artist.  I do plan to do my next DIY for Lake County Today later today, but I’ll just show you the end result of that when it’s finished.  Otherwise, I’m considering trying some stuff with soda cans (yes, I live in Ohio and call it soda.  I got out of the habit of calling it pop when I lived away for 4 years).  Will you see the end results of that?  Well, I don’t know.  It depends on how it goes.  I have a lot of projects in mind with them.  I also have some things I want to do with some old floppy disks as well.  What will I do next?  No idea.



Where do you get your inspiration for your jewelry or your art?

A multitude of places.  As an artist, I see things around me differently.  I get a lot of inspiration from nature, believe it or not, and from just walking around and looking.  Sometimes I’ll create my idea right away, not wanting to wait.  Other times I’ll just put it off until I feel the urge to do it.  Sometimes, when I do that, the end product will come out better than if I had done it right away.


Those are the most frequently asked questions as of late.  If you have any questions, feel free leave them in the comments below or contact me!


2 thoughts on “Making Chainmaille

    • Yeah, the torn tendon was not fun. Thankfully, I have a high pain threshold because I stupidly listened to my dad who said it was just a pulled muscle and kept walking on it for 2 days. Not well, but I managed. I worked in a hospital at the time and the head nurse told me that if I came back in the following night without having it checked, she’d tie me down to the x-ray table herself. So I had it checked then called my dad to have him pick me up because I couldn’t drive anymore. :p
      Overall, I’m really happy I found this passion and steampunk really is awesome. I just finished a steampunk necklace last night. 😉

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