The Story of My Little Quartz Stone

Today, I thought I would share a story.  Mostly because I was inspired when I looked at it today.  When I was younger, probably early teens if not even before that, I had acquired a small pretty quartz stone. I had always dug (and still do) through those bins full of gem stones. I’m pretty sure that’s where I found this particular stone, but it was the only stone that I tended to close track of. I’d keep it on my desk or on my night stand. Sometimes I’d throw it in my pocket and take it places with me. I had no idea why I did it, I just did.


Flash forward to when I was around 22. I still have the small quartz stone and still kept it either with me or by my bed. One of my closest friends, who’s like a brother to me, would often times pick it up and play with it when he was over at my house. Finally, I gave it to him and said it would bring him luck and good vibes.

When I was 23, I moved away and he went into the military. He served in Iraq and we never lost touch. Always would get a chance to email or call and talk. After I moved back when I was 28, he moved back shortly after. I had been through a tragic loss and traumatic experience and he had just been released from the military. At some point during the first year after he had come back (though I think it was after we moved in together and were roommates for a year), he surprised me and handed me back my little quartz stone and told me that he thought it was time for me to have it back so it could give me luck and good vibes.

To this day, I still have it.  Once in a while, one of my friends will see it and ask or comment about it.  It’s usually sitting near my bed where I sleep and anytime I see it, it makes me smile.  My little quartz stone has had quite an adventure and life and it now means more to me than ever. 🙂

What kind of small things mean big things to you?


3 thoughts on “The Story of My Little Quartz Stone

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