{WordPress Wednesdays!} Delayed, Privatize, Password Protect, and Sticky Posts

Welcome to another {Wordpress Wednesday}!  Today we’re going to cover how to post sticky posts and how to set up delayed times for your blog to post.  Plus, find out how to password protect or even privatize your posts!

Sticky posts are blog posts that will appear at the top of your blog until you either stick a newer post or remove the sticky option.  Also, it’s how you can add posts to your slider or featured posts at the top of the page if you have and want to use that option.  It’s a great way to feature blog posts that you would want to be seen first.

Delayed posts are great to use if you’re going on vacation or something else happens but still want to post blogs you have prepared.  Having consistent posts is important to some people, or if you have something you want posted on a certain day and won’t have time, it’s a great way to set it up.

Password protecting your posts will make it easy for you to post certain items that you want only certain people to read.  You can also change the password for the post at any time.

Privatizing your posts will make it so that only you can read the posts.  If you keep your blog public but would like to write some more private things as a diary or such, this is a great option for you.

You can access both of these features from the right hand side of your blog post edit page at the very top.

delayed publish

You can expand these options by clicking edit.

expanded options

When clicking on edit for Visibility, you can click the box for Stick this post to the front page and it will stick the post at the top of your home page or in your slider until you remove the check box by editing the post.  You can also access password protection and privatizing from this menu as well.

When clicking on edit for Publish, you can adjust the date and time that you would like your post to publish.  Please keep in mind that when doing this, you need to put the time in military time.

I hope this helps anyone who’s wondered how to do this or maybe never even thought of it but will use it now.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me! Thanks for reading!


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