How to: Stop People From Appearing in Your Facebook News Feed

This is something I hear frequently: I’m tired of -enter name here’s- statuses and photos appearing in my news feed!  I don’t want to unfriend them, but I don’t want to see their crap, either.  Well, I understand that sentiment all too well, so I figured I’d post a quick how to to show how to make unwanted status updates from showing up in your feed.

It’s actually very simple.  You can either do this by going to the person or business’ page or by simply hovering over them in your feed.  Either way, you’ll see the same buttons.

follow facebook 1

When you go to the page or hover over the name in your feed, you’ll see the buttons above appear.  It will say Following.  Simply click that button and it will turn to Follow.  After you’re done, refresh your news feed and their posts will no longer appear.  Quick and simple!

Now, go share this with all of the other people you want to stop complaining about what appears in their news feed. 😉


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