Be an Olympian

A few days ago, I had an idea that struck me so hard, I set to work and created something with the Olympics in mind.  I had never thought of creating something inspired by the Olympics, but I’m really happy with how these turned out!

Chainmaille Olympic Rings

Chainmaille Olympic Rings – Be an Olympian!

Like most people, when the Olympics are being held, I think of sports.  I really enjoy mini golf.  If I could play it at least once a week, I would.  I grew up playing softball and in junior high, I even played a little volleyball and  basketball.  I really enjoyed the few times I’ve played disc golf (even though my first time out I nearly broke my ankle) and would love to get into that again.  Recently, however, I read of a new thing coming to my area and this is one thing I really really want to try this spring.  Foot Golf!  You pretty much play it with a soccer ball and try to kick it into really large holes.  It sounds like a lot of fun so I am really hoping I can rally some friends to try it with me!

I am truly looking forward to spring.  I miss hiking and walking around in the warm weather, not to mention Geocaching.  There’s still a couple of things left in this snowy weather I’d like to do… like sledding and possibly going on the Tobogganing Chutes.  Some day I’d like to try snowshoeing and maybe even snow boarding (that’ll be a laugh), but those probably won’t happen this year.  Either way, hurry up spring!

What are some of your favorite winter activities?

Also, if you’re looking for something artistic to do to pass some time in the winter, try this new DIY I posted on Lake County Today!

front piece


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