Recent Recipes from Pinterest

Today, I need to clean up my kitchen.  I don’t normally let it get messy, but lately I’ve been trying new recipes and I’ve been getting them from Pinterest.  It’s been fantastic.  I love all of the craft ideas and recipes and art all at my fingertips! 😀  Anyway, I kinda let my kitchen get a little out of control, so it’s time for me to go whip it back into shape.  While I do so, however, I thought I’d link you to a few of my favorites!  If you try these out, let me know how it goes and tell me any variations you’ve used!

First up is the Fried Ravioli.  I’m not too huge of a fan of ravioli’s for some reason, but these intrigued me and tasted great!  I didn’t have any fresh ravioli, just frozen, so I let some thaw in some really hot water and then just followed the recipe from there.  I used spaghetti sauce to dip them. They were very tasty!

This one is one of my favorite of the meal ones I’ve tried so far.  I can’t get enough of it, plus it’s extremely delicious!! Very fast and simple to make and paired with the right vegetable (I highly recommend mashed potatoes.  They’re perfect for this.) it stretches to feed several people.

Now on to deserts.  This one is another new addiction and I’ve done two different variations of it.  The first variation, of course, is the actual recipe.  The second was instead of using sprite or 7-up, I used coke.  I didn’t have anything else on hand, so I figured why not.  Let me tell you, it added a bit of a twist on the flavor, but it was really good.  So I highly recommend playing with different soda flavors and seeing what you get!  I’m going to!  Plus, it’s been a hit when I’ve served them to friends. Easy, delicious, and popular!

Lastly, I’ve made some of these again, though I don’t do it often.  I mentioned it a few times in December, but  these are still a hit and extremely addicting.

So, now that you can see why my kitchen’s a little messy, I’m off to clean it up.  I hope you try out these delicious delectables and talk about your experiences with them.  Enjoy and happy eating!


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