The Kitten Chronicles Episode 2

Well, as I started in the last time I posted one of these, this is my mom and dad’s kitten, Fluffy (I know, how original, right? :p).  Dad and I caught her when she was teeny tiny and when we caught her, she was nothing but claws and jaws.  Then she met mom and was the sweetest thing ever.  Now she’s a very loving kitten, but still feisty and playful!

She's so FLUFFY!!!

She’s so FLUFFY!!!

So, anyway, mom and dad bought her this thing we’ve seen on tv, but they found at Walmart.  I only got a video of her playing with it after she played with it for an HOUR AND A HALF STRAIT and was winding down.  Yeah, keep that in mind.  This is her, WINDING DOWN. LOL!

I hope you enjoyed this.  Keep in mind, the stick part under the cover can come off and the kitten does manage to pull it off from time to time, however it is a GREAT toy!  I highly recommend it. 🙂  Thanks for watching and I’ll hopefully have some more kitten chronicles edited and posted soon!


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