A Visit and “A Day Off”

Yesterday was yet another busy day, but not an early one (thank God).  The night at 78th Street Friday night was a lot of fun as always at least!  We managed to get there just in time to be able to use the freight elevator up to where we were set up.  I didn’t get home from 78th Street Studios until after 1am, and I was so exhausted, I couldn’t form words anymore.  All that came out was gibberish.  It wasn’t fun when my mind did that to me.    So, I turned off my alarm and got my z’s on.  I slept solid until nearly 10:30 am.  Then Mom called and after I hung up, I finally dragged my not so thrilled butt out of bed.

After eating something, I drove out to my parent’s house to help out for the day.  I had planned to stay the whole day (well, I prettymuch did).  First I drove my grandma to the laundromat.  She was so slow getting out the quarters, but that was alright.  I hadn’t been there in a few years and was thrilled to see that nearly all the machines had been updated.  It made the whole process a whoooole lot faster.

While there, I got a text from my friend Lindsey saying she was in town.  I was so thrilled!  I hadn’t seen her in a year!  So, we made plans to meet up later.  After getting the laundry finished and taken home, I took mom to the salon and I ended up getting my hair cut while I was there.  It was driving me nuts.  Once we were back from that, I went with Dad on a couple errands, came home, and then he started dinner a couple hours later than I had hoped.  I had planned to head home to hang out with Lindsey no later than 6:30, but it ended up being 8.  Still, we finally got together, caught up, and hung out for a bit.

One view of the setup at 78th Street.

One view of the setup at 78th Street.

A view from the other direction at 78th Street.

A view from the other direction at 78th Street.

My new indoor bracelet display!

My new indoor bracelet display!

View from outside after the show.

View from outside after the show.

Today was supposed to be my “day off” from going out to my parent’s house.  I managed to sleep in only to wake up to a text asking for me to go out to their house anyway for grocery shopping.  I was annoyed, but went anyway.  I took my time though.  I managed to get a bit of business done and then went out and grabbed some lunch from Chipotle.  Instead of taking it home, I went to the park and ate lunch and enjoyed being outside for a bit.  That was so nice!

View from my food. :)

View from my food. 🙂

After that, I drove back out to my parent’s house and took my mom and grandma to walmart and the grocery store.  Managed to nab a geocache while I was at it.  After dinner, I went home, was visited by some peoples I haven’t seen in a while, and now I’m writing this.  Oh, and we can’t forget that magical moment when I was opening the window when I stepped in fresh cat puke.  I HATE it when that happens, but a box was right next to it and it blended in way too well.   :/  I’m tired as heck again, but hoping to get some stuff done and caught up this week.  I really REALLY need to stay home and do some stuff already!  Tomorrow’s another busy day though.  Oh well.  Until the next blog, laters!


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