Busy Day and 78th Street Prep!

Wow… today was a busy day for me.  I was hoping to get a lot more done at home, but that was a big fail.  My mom needed me.  So, I got up early after not much sleep, got ready to go, and headed out.  I couldn’t leave when I wanted to because a fire truck was blocking my exit.  So I was running late by the time it moved.  First I had to drive 30ish minutes out of my way to pick up paperwork from a doctor for her.  Once there, she handed me a single piece of paper, smiled, and said I’d have to come back when she’s finished with the other one.  All I could think was, “why on earth did I drive all the way out here for one piece of paper and then be told I’ll have to come back out for another one?!”  After that, I drove an additional 30ish minutes toward my parent’s and stopped to pick up medication for their older cat.  Finally, I made it there, and was asked why I wasn’t there sooner.  I was frustrated, but I had tried.

Then I went through half of her pantry and tossed all of the expired stuff.  After that, I drove her and my grandma to the beauty shop, stopped and picked up some medication, picked them up from the beauty shop, then drove to my other grandmother’s place to go through her pantry and bring home the stuff that was still good.  After all that, I drove them home, unloaded the car (there was a lot of it), then relaxed for a few minutes.  Then I took a bunch of old mason jars down into the basement, dealt with some laundry, finished going through the pantry and completely reorganized it (it’s a large pantry).

Thankfully, they made my favorite kind of dinner, so I ate some dinner, dealt with some more laundry, and put away the clean dishes.  It may not sound like much to some of you, but if you saw the amounts of things I was working with, you’d understand that it was a lot of work.  After all that, I left, stopped and got some gas, and headed toward home.

I ended up stopping at a candy shop to grab some candy for 78th Street Studios.  Just as I was getting off the highway and turning toward home, I remembered that I needed to stop at the craft store for Aslynn real fast, so I swung that way instead.  Bought what she needed, got home, unloaded some stuff out of the car, and then got to work on my place.  This was around 9pm.

Once home, I watered the plants, took out the garbage, washed the dishes, changed the cat litter, washed laundry, cleaned out and re-organized my trunks I take to shows, prepped everything for 78th Street, Now that I’m finally done, I’m writing this.  Keep in mind, I started all this at 8am.  Eesh! Long day.  I’m not really complaining, but recapping it makes me feel both exhausted and accomplished.  Aaaanyway…

With all that said and done, I figured I’d take a moment and show you a couple new things that will be there tomorrow.  Well, those that I have photographed. :p

My wrapped malachite stone necklace!

My wrapped malachite stone necklace!

Zipper bangles with charms!  Yes, they zip and unzip. :)

Zipper bangles with charms! Yes, they zip and unzip. 🙂

I have a few more goodies in store, as does Aslynn, so be sure to come down to 78th Street studios *looks at time*  er… TONIGHT!! 😀


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