The Cookout and The Cleveland Flea

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, here’s what happened after I got home from my trip to North Carolina.  While I was gone, Gnausho texted me and asked if he could crash on my couch Friday night (I arrived home Wednesday) because we were going to be leaving early for The Cleveland Flea on Saturday. My reception was horrible out in North Carolina, but I got his message and replied that all was good.  While I was on my way home from North Carolina, he told me he’s been wanting to cook out and asked if we could cook out.  I replied that it sounded good!  By the time I got home, I found out that not only were we cooking out, but we were going to HAVE a cookout.  As in, people are invited.  I was like, wait, what?! Not that I usually mind when this happens, but it was a little overwhelming just after getting home after being away for a week.

Wednesday night, I didn’t get home until the late evening, then I was so exhausted, I went to sleep and slept for 12 hours solid.  My mom had woken me up at 3am that morning with nearly no sleep, so it was good to get home and finally get some sleep.  I spent Thursday running errands and getting things situated, then relaxed the rest of the day.

Friday was cram day.  I started re-arranging some stuff to make more room for things coming home soon and to also make more room in my living spaces for the party. So, I moved my books and nick knacks off of my book shelves and moved them and my shelves into my room.  The kitties, of course, helped.  I then spent the rest of the time trying to get things straitened up, the laundry done, and everything else I could manage to fit in.

As I said, Tag and Perky helped me move my book shelves. LOL!

As I said, Tag and Perky helped me move my book shelves. LOL!

Around 4:30, my friend Fringe arrived followed shortly by Gnausho.  We went across the street to the store and bought some hot dogs, charcoal, and a few other odds and ends for the party.  Just after we got back, my boyfriend showed up and then we hung out for about an hour and a half until everyone else arrived.  People showed up periodically throughout the night to hang out and have some food.  It was BYOB, so they managed to fill my fridge with drinkage. :p

Lots of drinkage!

Lots of drinkage!

Very little of the drinkage was left by the end of it. :p  The last of the guests left around 1:30am, and I clasped into bed to get some sleep until around 6am when it was time to get up and get ready to go for the flea.  Gnausho had a hard time getting moving, but in the end, he managed.  We got the car loaded and headed off to set up at The Cleveland Flea.

We had a great time while at The Flea!  Lots of awesome people there this time (as always) including my friend Skye from Clockwork Hearts and the great BBQ place we ate at last time.  I was set up next to a really awesome artist as well!  You should totally go check out her stuff if you like funny angry looking food. :p

My setup for The Flea!

My setup for The Flea!

Me at The Flea! Lots l' orange. :3

Me at The Flea! Lots of orange. :3

All in all, it was another fun day at The Cleveland Flea.  I plan to set up again next month, so if you didn’t make it out this month, be sure to come out next month! 😀  Be sure to come back if you did make it!  There’s always new things at The Flea!! 😀

Sunday brought with it helping out my parents with some stuff.  On Monday, I helped my mom and grandma out with a trip to Independence.  Then came yesterday…

I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe that Karma can really be nice sometimes.  Yesterday, that proved to be true.

My mom was at the doctor and my grandma and dad were with her.  Since they were near by, I drove to them and dropped of some things I had that my mom would need.  I was about to go, but my gut instinct made me stay just a little bit longer.  I’m so glad I did!  My grandma couldn’t get back into my Mom’s SUV.  I watched her try again and again, but finally, I told her that she could ride with me and I would follow my parents home.  She was very upset with her predicament, but agreed anyway.

So, I pulled the car around, she got in easily, and we began out trip to my parent’s house.  Half way there, something strange happened.  My car had been running fine, but suddenly the heat meter jumped to severely hot and told me my car was overheating and my battery light came on.  I immediately pulled over and put my flashers on.  Dad turned around and came to help me check out what had happened.  We added some water (though my coolent levels were fine) and some oil (I was a bit low, but not by much).  It solved my heating problem, but my battery light was still on.

After we got home and Dad did what he had to do, he and I checked out my car.  My car has a habit of having rusty terminals once a year, and sure enough, they were so he cleaned them up.  That, however, did not solve my battery light problem.  After some testing, we discovered my alternator went.  This was  the moment I started cussing up a storm because I had a lot of things to do and I had already become a day behind because of the day’s events.

Thankfully, Dad was able to reach our mechanic who had recently gotten back into town from a trip.  He dropped by, checked out my car, and agreed it was the alternator.  Within about an hour and a half, he had it out, my dad had the new part (yay for warranties!!), and my car back to running.  There were good talks had and catching up by all, some delicious dinner, and then finally I got to drive myself home in my fixed car.  I was so relieved I didn’t have to try to sleep on the love seat that night!  So, this is why I say that Karma can be good sometimes. 🙂  Plus, while catching up and talking with our mechanic friend, he said some things bluntly that really got into my head and made me think of some things differently.  Differently in a good way.  So, all in all, it was an excellent (though long) night that went from bad to good.

So, that was my weekend and the first two days of my week. Check back tomorrow for more craziness! :3  Thanks for reading!


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