Lately, It’s Been Crazy

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write a blog, but then again, it’s been very crazy lately.  It might take me a couple posts to catch up on what all has been going on, so consider this part one. :p

First of all, my trip down to North Carolina to meet and visit family or a family reunion was FANTASTIC!!!  There was a good time being had at all times and I loved spending time with everyone!  I hated to leave, but it felt good to get home, too.  During my visit, I went on some fun but kinda crazy rides (crazy because I was on the back holding on for dear life) on a gator through the woods.  While there, we danced, told stories and jokes, talked about researching the family, and just had a good time.  Lots of cooking in the kitchen was had and on one night, we even watched a movie outside using a projector and a drop cloth on the porch! So fun!  Two cool things was teaching my little cousins about Geocaching (we found one by the grave of Daniel Boone’s parents!) and teaching them about jewelry making and making chainmaille.  One of them got so into it, he’s continued since I left. 🙂  It was so cool watching him figure it out.   I can’t wait to see how he progresses!!

I took a video of one of my adventures on the gator.

This is what I was riding on the back of.

This is what I was riding on the back of.

When we decided to watch a movie on the porch. :)

When we decided to watch a movie on the porch. 🙂

Once I got home, my kitties were so glad to see me, they wouldn’t let me out of their site.  Tag is actually laying across my arm as I type this. LOL!  He’s such a goof.  My friend who took care of my kitties and plants while I was away even left a report card!  Tag got an A, Perky got a B- because she tricked her into petting her and then decided to chew on her. Hahahaha!! Typical Perky.  I’ll never forget the phone call I received from her while I was away.  She needed to know where the kitty litter was because the cats pooped so much while I was away.  It was like they were so angry, they pooped a ton to show their unlike of the situation. Haha!  Either way, I missed my kitties. :3

This was Tag's way of saying that now that I was home, I wasn't going anywhere. :3

This was Tag’s way of saying that now that I was home, I wasn’t going anywhere. :3

So, that was my recap of my trip, so to speak.  Tune in for the next post about what happened after I got back!  Thanks for stopping by!


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