Flights and Showers

Interesting title, right? Haha! Right now, I’m blogging from North Carolina, so this is going to be a bit short.  Well, on words anyway.  I thought I would take some time to write down about the insanity of a few days of my week.

I need to write about the shower I took before I left.  Yes, my shower.  Why? Because it was just that ridiculous.   I needed a shower before I left, so I was in the shower.  I decided that while I was at it, I might as well shave.  I lathered up and just before I could start, my smoke alarm went off.  Why?  Lord only knows.  I was not amused because not only was it doing this while I was trying to get ready, but also because it had woken me up at 5 am the PREVIOUS morning for no reason and maintenance had claimed they fixed it!  So, I rinsed off, got out of the shower, climbed a chair, took down the smoke alarm, and then got back into the shower.  I lathered up again, put the razor to my leg, and the razor broke.  Why?  Who knows.  Just broke.  The blade came off and wouldn’t snap back on.  So, once again, i rinse off, get out of the shower, grab a new razor, and get back into the shower.  Once again, I lather up and finally started to shave.  Only then, my foot slipped and I slammed my head into the shower wall.  By this point, I was standing in my shower and screaming obscenities like a person with tourette syndrome.  I did finally get clean and shaved, but it was a shower adventure I could have done without.

That night, I drove out to my parent’s house and then went out Geocaching with my friend Fringe.  We found a puzzle cache with collectible path tags in them and managed to each snag one.  It was quite a walk and at one point, we cheated and got in the car to drive to the last 3 locations.  The funny part was that we turned around and went to get the car right in front of the cache!  Still, it was fun.  🙂


Our little souvenir of the night!

Friday morning, my mom and I flew to North Carolina.  Oh my god the flight sucked.  We had to take two planes.  The first one was a small prop plane with four seats across but tiny.  I slammed my head trying to sit down so hard, I almost knocked myself out.  The first half of the flight was nice and I snagged some great aerial pictures!   The second half of the flight felt like we were in a toy plane a toddler was shaking around.  By the time we got on the second plane, I was thrilled it was a large jet, but I was already pretty motion sick from the first one.  And starving.  I was SO glad to reach North Carolina!!  That is one of the MANY reasons I prefer road trips to flying.

P1070022 P1070036 P1070034 P1070031 P1070030 P1070027

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!  Thanks for stopping by and reading!



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