When you just want one more cache…

Fringe and I were out geocaching (once again) and wanted just one last cache before we called it quits for dinner. Luckily, there was one just across the parking lot from where we decided to eat. It was a cool one too! I hadn’t come across one like this before, but luckily Fringe realized that I had found it and passed it off as a sprinkler. :p

I love finding the unique caches. 🙂  We had a bit of a rough day for caching, but I think next time will be better. 😀  After dinner, we tried to grab just one more, but it was gone.  Plus a storm was rolling in.  A big one.  So, we figured it was time to call it a night.  Hopefully we’ll snag more next time! 🙂

Tonight’s moon was beautiful, so I managed to get a picture of it.  It’s not often I am able to get pics of the moon, so I was very happy that this came out!

"Fly me to the moon"

“Fly me to the moon”

So, I hope you are all going to have a fun weekend! I get my car back later today from being fixed.  I’m sooo looking forward to being mobile again!  Maybe I’ll grab a cache or two while I’m out.  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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