Specials and New Stuff!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to say that I am now open to sponsors who would like to sponsor my blog. You can have your very own ad right here on my site! If you help me, I can help you. My ad is out there and I’m getting in more and more traffic. What does that mean to you? That means that if you have an ad here, that traffic will also see your ad and maybe even go to your site! If you help me by sponsoring, that will give me the money I need to put my ad out there on even more blogs and websites which means more traffic here and more people to see your ad as well! So how bout it? If you’re interested at any time, just click on the Sponsor tab at the top of the page!

Another special I’m having is through Saturday, July 20th ONLY!!!  If you order from my Etsy store, you can receive 30% off your purchase of $10 or more!  Now, how much more better can it get?  Well… I now have my glass pieces up for grabs in the shop as well!  Each glass piece is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated!

glass collection

So those are the ones  have available and I should have some rings up in the shop tomorrow as well!  Don’t wait! These are truly one of a kind!

Well, those are my updates and my specials going on! I hope you get a chance to take advantage and enjoy looking at my new stuffs! Thanks for stopping by!!


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