The Follow-up

It’s Monday and that means I have updates from the insanity that happened over the weekend.  Again, I’m going to use bullet points to make this easier.

  • Sunday morning, I called AAA again to have them tow my car out to Geneva.  The lady politely asked me why I didn’t have it towed there in the first place.  I briefly described the events from the night before and she was floored.  She apologized, said she’d tell her manager what happened, and arranged to have my car towed to Geneva.  She also gave me the phone number to AAA’s complaint line and told me to call on Monday.
  • Less than an hour later, the tow truck appeared.  After loading up my car, he followed Gnausho (who was sooo generous to drive) and me out to Geneva.
  • Dad said that the damage is repairable.  Thank God.
  • Today (Monday), I called my insurance company to tell them what happened.  Filed all that fun stuff.  They couldn’t believe we caught the guy as he was trying to steal the car.
  • Now for the big one (which is the one you are all probably waiting for).  I called AAA’s complaint line.  I didn’t rage, just talked to her about everything that went on.  The woman was very nice, understanding, and helpful.  Half way through our conversation, she ran out of paper, which made me laugh.  Long story short, I told her the entire story – every last detail.  She said she will be filing this complaint for me and they will investigate and take care of everything both inside and out.  She apologized several times and said she will be sending me some restaurant gift cards to try to make it up to me.  I thanked her for all her help.

So that is the wrap up of my AAA adventure.  I’m continuing to be thankful that my friends were there, stuck by me, no one was hurt, and nothing was stolen.  Thanks to all for letting me vent and rage and talk about what happened.  It was a scary night.  As much as I try to keep this blog positive, sometimes it can’t be helped.  So thank you all for your support!

Photo of the parking lot from my camping chair. In the dark. On the west side of Cleveland.

Photo of the parking lot from my camping chair. In the dark. On the west side of Cleveland.


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