That title was brought to you by my friend Gnausho. I think that just about describes this night. Why, you may ask? Because my car was broken into while at West Side Market earlier this evening.  Here begins the saga of my night.  I’m going to break this into bullet points to make this a bit easier.

  • It was after setting up at the Cleveland Flea that my friends said, hey.  Let’s meet at a place next to West Side Market for dinner.  So, we did.  My friend I thought things would be alright.  We were wrong.
  • After a delicious dinner (around 7:30pm?), we were walking back to the car and making plans for the remainder of the evening, when I saw a man sitting in my car.  I shouted to Gnausho that some guy was in my car.  My other two friends, Vel and C, were driving over to see what was going on.  C managed to get photos of the guy and his car as he rambled that he was told by “his buddy” (who didn’t exist) that it was his car and to get something out of the glove box.  Gnausho immediately went into batman mode and was interrogating him as he backed over to his white car parked next to mine with his female accomplice in the car, got in, and drove away.
  • We called the police, the police came, inspected the car and got our descriptions and the photos.  As it turned out, the car he was driving was also stolen.  They had an idea on who he was and sent out  his picture to every cop in Cleveland.  We were told we were now good to leave.  Also, nothing was stolen.
  • Got in my car, put the key in ignition, ignition wouldn’t turn and the key is now stuck.  Called AAA (around 8pm)  AAA said roughly 90 minutes and a tow truck would come to tow my car to Geneva.
  • 90 minutes later, we ended up with a “lock smith”.  Reason I’m putting it in quotes?  Because AAA didn’t call him.  Plus, he shows up wearing flip flops, shorts, and a t-shirt, no AAA markings on the UNMARKED van, with his “wife” in the van.  He wouldn’t show us his identification and he said that we should get towed to his shop.  Um…. no. Not just no, but hell no.  Plus, Gnausho kept trying to get him to show us ID and he got more and more agitated and left.
  • That puts as to 9:30pm.  We call AAA again.  Explain what happened.  Meanwhile, Gnausho is calling the police due to the shady “lock smith”.  Turns out, the towing company that AAA called were the ones who called the lock smith.  So, we told them we need a tow.  They said, okay and would send one out.
  • TOW TRUCK NUMBER 1! Showed up about 45 minutes after the “lock smith”.  He was able to hot wire it to start, but couldn’t turn the wheel.  Also couldn’t maneuver the truck to get the car on the flat bed, so he said he couldn’t help us.  Once again, called AAA and told them what happened.  They said we were now a high priority and they would send us a tow in 30 minutes or less.
  • TOW TRUCK NUMBER 2! After dealing with a very angry tow truck dispatcher who called and was extremely bitchy, tow truck number 2 showed up about 10;30pm.  He managed to get the wheel un-jammed and suggested we try to drive it home.  Um… no.  No way in hell. We weren’t risking it.  With that, he said that he couldn’t tow us, hopped in his truck, and left. Yes, he left.
  • Called AAA AGAIN.  This time, we were told that they would call us back.
  • 11pm we called again to find out that all the tow trucks were dispatched and they would call us back.
  • 11:30pm we called AGAIN and discovered someone was FINALLY coming.  At 12:30AM, FROM THE LAST TOWING COMPANY NO LESS, TOW TRUCK NUMBER 3 finally arrived to tow me – not to Geneva like they were supposed to –  but to Willoughby.  I will have to call in the morning to have it towed to Geneva.
  • 1am  we finally made it back to Willoughby.

So, what were we doing all this time?  Sitting in camping chairs in the parking lot watching people.  Yep! Camping chairs.  In a dark parking lot.  On the west side of Cleveland.  FOR 5 HOURS.  Could someone please…. PLEASE… explain to me why we had to sit there FOR 5 EFFING HOURS WAITING ON A COMPETENT TOW TRUCK TO COME AND TOW US HOME?!?!?! Oh, I know this all sounds hard to believe.  It’s all 100% true.  All. Completely. True.  Also, let’s please review that it took not only 5 hours, but a “lock smith” and 3 tow trucks. WTF?!

Dealing with the saga from our camp chairs next to my poor car.

Dealing with the saga from our camp chairs next to my poor car.

I am every so grateful and love my friends dearly.  Thank you for staying by my side tonight!!!!!!! ❤

Here’s the update/follow-up on the matter!


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