I can’t believe we caught her.

What day is it? I’ve been so busy and on the go lately, it’s weird to be sitting at home at this hour and realize I didn’t even know what day it is.  So let’s review what I’ve been up to, shall we?

Saturday’s show was a partial success.  We didn’t last the whole day because it was 50 degrees and there were 40 mph winds.  It was an adventure to set up down there.  After we set up, the tents that were between us and the lake moved to a different spot so we started getting the brunt of it and displays and pieces were flying everywhere.  Finally, we asked to move too and we did.  After we got moved and set up all over again, I went to grab some food.  After I came back, I was told we could tare down and we would be allowed to set up free next time.  It was annoying, but understandable.  So, we promptly packed up, I loaded up my car and went home.  I plan to set up again this Saturday, but I’ll remember to bring duct tape to help me secure my pieces from now on.

Sunday had me driving back out to my parent’s house so we could go celebrate my great-aunt’s 100th birthday.  It was very interesting… I have a hard time knowing who’s who because I really don’t know much of my family.  It was fun though!  I met some of my cousins and got to wish my great-aunt happy birthday, so it was all in all a good day.

After that, my dad stopped on the way home to show me the largest covered bridge in the United States.  I got out, walked around a little, and snapped some pictures.  I want to go back and explore the area sometime soon.  🙂

The longest covered bridge in the United States is located in Ashtabula, Ohio.

The longest covered bridge in the United States is located in Ashtabula, Ohio.

On Monday, I once again drove out to see my parents so we could have a small barbecue.  Dad and I grabbed some burgers, ribs, and mac salad and we had a great dinner!  After that, we stopped at my uncle’s house and much to our surprise, we caught a little kitten!  She is now in the loving care of my parents and their cat Tiger is still… unsure of the little fuzz ball.  She is adorable though and even though she was nothing but claws and jaws when I caught her, she turned into a loving happy kitten literally over night!

Ohai! I'm cute.

Ohai! I’m cute.

In fact, I spent the night that night in case I had to get up and take care of the little one.  Then I worked around their house a little the next morning and helped my mom with some stuff, then I finally went home.  I spent the night relaxing, then ended up driving (yet again) back to their place to help my mom with some more stuff.  Needless to say, today is the first day in a week I’ve been home and just stayed home.  So, I had to do some laundry, some cleaning and such.  Mom stopped by to help me clip kitty nails (I am not a pin cushion even if my cats insist I am), and then she left to go home and take care of the kitten.  I’ve suggested she name it Catsby, but she’s still up in the air about it.

So, to sum up, in the past week I’ve helped my parents out a lot, set up shop at the lake, caught a kitten, and now am catching up on my stuff around my place.  This Saturday, I’ll be setting up at The Firehouse Winery again, so if you’re out that way, stop by and say hi.  I’ll have some new items available as well, but I’ll give you a preview tomorrow.  🙂  Until then, thanks for stopping by and reading!

Some pretty flowers I took a photo of. :)

Some pretty flowers I took a photo of. 🙂


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