Preparing for Memorial Day

Every year, my grandmother would plant flowers on our family’s graves.  In later years, my mom helped her with the planting.  Now that she’s passed on, my mom and I have picked up where she left off.  Yesterday, we endured the rain and planted between the drops.  In some cases, we were drenched looking for graves we’ve never found before and thanks to my tedious research and being the family historian with the records my grandmother left me, we found them. 🙂

However, I need to find more proof that I’m right about my findings.  I believe I’ve found my great-great-grandparent’s graves and my mom and I both remember what my grandmother told me about the names and such, but my father and uncle don’t believe they are who we say they are.  I’m positive, they’re not.  So…. time to do some more research.  I WILL find written proof.  Regardless, we planted some flowers on their grave today. We also found my grandfather’s oldest sister’s and her husband’s graves and planted there as well.  I plan to be updating some cemetery websites with the photos I took of the headstones today.  It has an option to update the information and to post photos of the graves, so I’ll be sure to do that.  That way, if anyone in my vast (and I do mean vast) family is looking for them, it might help them to know what the headstones look like.  If they’re searching like I did and the same sites pop up for them, I want it to be accurate.

Yesterday, I also posted my very first ever geocache.  I hid it in the cemetery where some of my family (my closest relatives) are buried.  Why?  Because there isn’t one there and I think it’s a beautiful place.  Most cemeteries have geocaches in them.  Why should that one be any different? Don’t worry.  I am extremely respectful when it comes to the inhabitants with where I hid it.

That night, on the way home, a craving hit me.  I craved doughnuts.  I don’t think I’ve had doughnuts since before my grandmother passed away back in February.  So, I decided to stop at a major doughnut chain to grab a few.  They. Had. No. Doughnuts.  WTH?! So, on my way home, I stopped at the one closer to me.  They were out as well.  I was thinking, does the universe not want me to have doughnuts?  So, I stopped at the grocery store.  They were out too.  There wasn’t even any prepackaged doughnuts!! I knew I should have stopped at my favorite doughnut shop on the way home.  So, I went home without any doughnuts.  I was not amused.

After that, Matt stopped over to pick something up from me and we ate cake at 1am.  I can’t believe I ate cake at 1am.  It looks like my healthy eating has gone out the window for the past week.  That will be corrected after this weekend.  I say after this weekend because I know I won’t exactly be home enough to make that happen.

This weekend, I’ll be setting up at Geneva-on-the-Lake behind the Firehouse Winery on Saturday from 12-8pm along with Clockwork Hearts!  If you’re out that way, be sure to stop by and say hello!  See what we have!  I’ll be working on some new stuff while I’m there that will go up for sale as I finish it, so there will be never before seen pieces there as well!

I'll be there almost every weekend! Come see me!

I’ll be there almost every weekend! Come see me!


So, as for the rest of my weekend, I have some plans but I’ll write about it after the end of the weekend.  So, I hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend!  I’d love to hear your plans, so feel free to leave some in the comments.  Thanks for reading!


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