Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Perky's helping me with my projects...

Perky’s helping me with my projects…

This week I’ve been taking pictures of my stock and updating my Etsy shop. It has been a HUGE undertaking because there was a lot I didn’t post last year due to lots of shows in the Christmas season. So, With the help of Perky, I got about half way done with it. I have more to go, but I hope to be done and fully updated very soon. I’ve also been working on a few commissions again now that my eczema has died down enough for me to hold my pliers without too much pain again.


I’ve also joined up with 5 Minutes For Mom for The Ultimate Blog Party. It’s been an awesome experience so far and I’ve connected with a lot of great bloggers!

Twisted Bracelets part 1

Twisted Bracelets part 1

Twisted Bracelets part 2

Twisted Bracelets part 2

Shaggy Bracelets!

Shaggy Bracelets!

Mobius Bracelets!

Mobius Bracelets!

Expect more updates soon, but I’m off to finish tidying up and get back to work on updates and commissions! Thanks for stopping by!

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Wordless{ish} Wednesdays brought to you by The Paper Mama! Originally found out about it on The Ellison Family Expansion Plan.


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