When OCD Kicks In

I don’t really have OCD, but sometimes, I feel like I get bit by the OCD bug. I mean, I’m a clean person. I like my home and environment to be clean. Sometimes, things get out of hand, though. I’ll get sick, or depressed, or busy and I won’t clean. Or if I do clean, it’s not a deep clean. Then, a couple times a year, the OCD bug bites and I deep clean. I go crazy! EVERYTHING has to be wiped down. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that when it hits, I forget to sleep. I forget to eat. I have to constantly try to remind myself to do those things and even then, it gets difficult.

Two nights ago, at midnight, I took my dirty plate into the kitchen. I was just going to place it in the sink and go to bed. Nope! I placed it in the sink, and the next thing I know I’m unloading the dishwasher and putting the dishes away, loading the dishwasher, washing the stuff that can’t go in the dish washer, cleaning the sink, the counters, the stove top, the stove hood, the cabinet doors, the oven door, the things on the walls, the walls… and then it’s 1:10 am and I’m sitting on the couch thinking “What just happened?”

Last night I was cleaning until 2:30 am. Then I laid down, read for half an hour, and then finally fell asleep. So far today, all I’ve had to do is the dishes from last night, put away my clean laundry, and vacuum. I’m done! My place is FINALLY spotless and sparkly and all that good stuff! Sure, I want to sort through some drawers in my room that I never go through and file some paperwork I have sitting in a cubby hole in my desk, but for now, I’m just going to try to enjoy my day. I hope to see my boyfriend, my mom is coming over to say hi, and I just want to enjoy the beautiful weather! …just as soon as I sweep off my balcony… LOL!

My mom stopped by today and brought my rocking chair and… as my boyfriend described it, my pogo lamp. They are now both set up and looking great in my home! 🙂 I will admit, though, that I had to call my boyfriend to come over and help me set up the lamp because my mom and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Now that he put it up and stuff, I feel very derp for not realizing how to do do it the right way. :p

The rocking chair and "pogo" lamp.

The rocking chair and “pogo” lamp.

The rest of my weekend is going to be dedicated to fun! That’s my goal! So, thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon!







Clean office/craft space

Clean office/craft space


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