What Day Is It?

That has been my state of mind lately. What day is it? I’ve been getting confused. It started on Saturday because in my mind, it didn’t happen. Yes, I remember going to visit my parents and enjoying that and such, but it doesn’t register as an actual day, if that makes sense. I blame Friday night. :p Friday night I went to a party at a friend’s house and had a lot of fun! Friends, hookah, Cards Against Humanity, snacks, and pizza made it an excellent night. Along with a side of alcohol. LOL!

Saturday I spent with my parents, then Sunday, I rested and read. Sitting here on Wednesday, I’m wondering, what have I been doing?! I know I’ve read. I’ve done some chores around the apartment. I went and saw my boyfriend last night, so that was really nice. Though I did have to look and see what day it was a few times throughout the day.

Since I said I was reading, I have to say that I finished Clockwork Princess, which is one of things I wanted to accomplish on my Fourteen by 2014 list. I have already gone back and crossed it off the list. 🙂 It was an excellent book and I don’t think I could have figured a better ending to the series! Now I’m waiting on the edge of my seat until the last book of The Mortal Instrument series to answer how a certain character ends up the way they do in the end of Clockwork Princess. Not to mention I love that series as well. If you’re into fantasy books, be sure to check out Cassandra Clare’s books! She’s awesome!

Clockwork Princess - 3rd and last book of The Infernal Devices series.

Clockwork Princess – 3rd and last book of The Infernal Devices series.

Now I’m re-reading the entire series from start to finish. Starting with Clockwork Angel and going all the way through the second series through City of Lost Souls. Along with my usual job hunting and re-organizing project of course. :p

So, with that said, here ends my entry for today. I’ll post something again later this week. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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