Put Some Vicks On It, King James.

All Hail King James! As I mentioned my last post, today is King James Day in honor of James Walworth. Today, we place things that are not hats upon our heads, and we take pictures and post them submit them to the All Hail King James tumblr page in his honor. If you have not done so yet, by all means, do so! It is lots of fun and the giggles are endless. Posting for it will be open for probably a week, if anything. So be creative! Have some fun! Share some laughs!

King James himself being masterful.

King James himself being masterful.

As for the odd “Put Some Vicks On It” of my title, well… have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Put some Windex on it.

Put some Windex on it.

Well, when it comes to my father, he doesn’t exactly turn to Windex – he turns to Vicks vapor rub. Not only to clear sinuses, but to also heal severely chapped lips and skin. Given my recent and lengthy eczema outbreak on my hands, he’s been suggesting to me that I put some Vicks on my hands like hand cream to help it. So, last night, I did just that. I took a little out of the jar, rubbed it all over my hands, and then put rubber gloves on. He said it’s best to do this for at least one hour. If I didn’t feel weird enough putting Vicks on my hands, then the feeling of it being on my hands was weirder. It was cold and it stung a little. I had it on for over two hours (because the longer the better). As of this morning, well… I don’t think there’s too much of a difference, but I’ll try it again today and tomorrow and report my findings.

Well, I hope this blog has given you a few laughs. I also hope that those of you reading this will post a photo of something on your head to the King James Day page. Thanks for stopping by and reading! Oh, and when in doubt, put some Vicks on it.


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