Life Improvement

So, now that I’m coming out of my depression, I’m working on life improvement. What I mean is, re-organized, clean, healthy life style. I’ve been trying to work out, but as out of shape as I am (and I’m not counting the roundness a shape) it’s been a little difficult to get back into the swing of things. I’m still very grateful that I have a free well-equipped gym in my apartment complex. I’m also grateful for owning a wii and a couple of fitness games. Making fitness a game really really helps, in my opinion. During the weekend, I played a game my mom gave me. The Gold’s Gym Dance Workout. It’s not kidding! It is a serious workout! You don’t know how truly out of shape you are until you attempt to play a dance game. I’m especially fond of the boxing options on it. I love the boxing workouts!

This gives you some good cardio, that's for sure!

This gives you some good cardio, that’s for sure!

I also went for a few walks. One of them was a geocaching hunt that turned out to be a miserable failure. My geocompass on my phone did NOT want to work. I bet people were thinking I was trying to cause trouble in that parking lot. :p But seriously! The compass would not give directions at all!! Totally sucked.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday night, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and re-organizing. I started with the kitchen. When I origionally set up the things on my counter, I really don’t think I thought things through. Every time I wanted to use the sugar or the flour, I had to move stuff around just to get to it and every time I wanted to use the mixer, I had to move things around just to get it close enough to an outlet. The utensil holder I have is great, but it’s big. Much too big for me and my counter, at least. Though, I do like using it for storage. So, I moved my bread box and my utensil holder to the top of the fridge, and used a pretty ceramic vase as a utensil holder near my stove and only put in the necessary things I use on a frequent basis. I also reversed the locations of the flour and sugar and the stand mixer by switching places. It’s much more open and pretty now, I think. Easier to work in and with. I scrubbed everything down, including the sink and I’m really happy with how it all works now.

My clean and reorganized kitchen!

My clean and reorganized kitchen!

I also worked on my bathroom, but there wasn’t any re-organizing needed. I’m not one of those 1000 product owners. :p

Another project of mine during the weekend was baking some cookies. The funny thing about this is that they were Christmas cut-out cookies. My mom got them from a market day type thing and had them in the freezer, then gave them to me and asked me to bake them. I was like, o_0 …. Suuuuuure…. It’s only March, but what the hell? I also baked some cranberry apple muffins. They are sooo delicious. I’ll try to post the recipe for them sometime this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Sunday, I went out to visit my parents. My mother decided it was a good time to go through all the stuff I had left there and pack up what was ready to come home with me. So, that’s what we did and I managed to give her quite a few laughs! Traveling down memory lane was fun. Only few a few things out, but put a lot aside for yard sale and tagged even more for online selling. I keep debating between ebay or etsy. It may end up being both. Most of it is fun vintage stuff. I’ll be sure to post here when I have stuff up for grabs!

Party time! Excellent! No, I did not keep this wig.

Party time! Excellent! No, I did not keep this wig.

My old toys, music, and stuff are staying with my parents for the time being because I only have so much room. The rest, however, is coming home with me. Yay! I managed to shock a friend with a couple of my vintage items: ie a suitcase and a clock, both from the 60’s, but I was disappointed to not find my typewriter. I had one… I’m hoping my mom just overlooked it or it’s somewhere else in the house. I’d love to bring that home as well. Not to tare apart and use for jewelry necessarily, but for decorative purposes. Oh, and yes. I did use it back in the day. I know I’m only 31, but I didn’t have a computer until I was around 14 or 15, so before that, I used to play with it. Besides, I always thought they looked cool. Also, I actually learned to type on an electric typewriter. It’s amazing how things have changed…. oye… makes me feel a little old. :p

Vintage 60's luggage!

Vintage 60’s luggage!

Vintage 60's clock! Yes, it still works.

Vintage 60’s clock! Yes, it still works.

Ok, not so vintage, but they are getting close to it. Kids, these are called cassette tapes and they were used before CD's. :p

Ok, not so vintage, but they are getting close to it. Kids, these are called cassette tapes and they were used before CD’s. :p

Well, that was my weekend. Cleaning, visiting, going through stuff, reliving some stuff from my childhood, and… working out. I particularly loved the fact that it was 70 degrees on Sunday!! I wish this weather was here to stay already. I look forward to being able to enjoy the summer. My only complaint is that with the warm weather brought allergies, but hey! That’s what allergy meds are for, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, thanks to all for reading!!


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