Visiting Adventures and a Hole in the Wall

At precisely 8am on Wednesday morning, my mother called and asked me if I wanted to go to visit my grandma in Youngstown for a couple days with her. I though, why not? Sure. So, I was at her place within a couple of hours, and we set off to go for a visit.

We had one of our magical adventures along the way. We define this by traveling on a path we don’t usually travel and we don’t turn on the gps. This usually means I hide it from her, but this time she played along nicely. It wasn’t a hard rough this time, but it was fun!

After we got there and surprised my grandma, my mom, grandma, her friend, and I went out to eat, then came home and watched a movie. My mother brought Mama Mia down with her which none of us had ever seen and I must say, it is an awesome movie! Highly recommend to those musical lovers out there!

The next morning, on our way to breakfast, we passed the usual places I’m used to seeing. This time, however, I noticed a little shop nessled among houses that I hadn’t noticed before that struck my curiosity: The Village Pantry. I pointed it out to my mom and asked if we could stop on the way back. My grandma was a bit oposed (she hates shopping), but after grabbing some groceries, Mom decided to humor me and stop. Niether of us were disappointed!! It turned out to be a small bulk dry goods store. I found lots of old candies I haven’t seen in years, including some melties that I haven’t been able to find in five years! Needless to say, I bought some. There were also home made noodles, lots of treats, and sprinkles that I intend to use for cookies. 🙂 I was sooo thrilled to find this place! If you live near Polland, Ohio I highly suggest checking it out!

This was the little place I found. It blended in well with the rest of the street.

This was the little place I found. It blended in well with the rest of the street.

A few of the items I aquired. I also got some noodles and bread mix. :)

A few of the items I aquired. I also got some noodles and bread mix. 🙂

After my adventure in The Village Pantry, we went home and we set up for a small party of four for the night. My grandma’s friend came over again and we had meat and mushroom fondue and watched The Carol Burnett Show on DVD. On Friday morning, I made my grandma breakfast while my mom was out and we watched Stardust and Letters to Juliet. It was nice spending time watching movies with my grandma. 🙂

Fondue dinner set up and ready for noms!

Fondue dinner set up and ready for noms!

I came home to a bit of a mess after all the relaxing fun I had, though. It feels like my cats had a party while I was gone. I left them two heaping bowls of food and full bowls of water, but there were all empty and bare and one bowl was broken. Tufts of fur was scattered on the floor and things were knocked over. Cupboards were open and I am just amazed at how much they can do in just two days. :p They are quite happy to see me though! I missed my little fuzzy creature kitties. :3 ….even if Perky bit my nose within hours of me being home…

Oh well. I better go. It looks like I’m going to have company this weekend and I have some cleaning up to do before that happens, so thanks for stopping by and reading!


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