Sorry for the Unexpected Break…

Hello all! As I sit here, I search for what I want to write about. I have had a lot going on, but it’s painful to type out all that has been going through my mind. Right now, Tag is curled up on my desk next to me and resting his head on my arm while I type. I didn’t come home last night, so him and Perky missed me. I missed them too. I was just gone for one night, but one night sleeping on my parent’s couch and listening to their cat growl all night was enough for me to be homesick. I love my parents. I love thier cat. He, however, has issues.

Speaking of cats, does anyone know how to de-static a cat? I mean, Tag and Perky are so staticy! It’s rediculous! I pet them, I get shocked. I posted this question on twitter, and the responses I got… well… I should have expected it. :p

1. Sorry, You’ve lost a cat. Good news is you’ve gained a pikachu.
3. Either tie the cat into a good ground, or use a humidifier…
4. static+static=doubleretardative blu is right cancel out sleep now

Yep. 1 and 4 are my favorites. I’m still open to any further suggestions. Please? Anyone? Tired of being shocked over here.

Otherwise, I’ve been job hunting, re-organizing, cleaning up, going through stuff, working on some chainmaille, and watching anime. Since my last post, I’ve watched Rosario + Vampire (wasn’t too impressed, to be honest), Ouran High School Host Club (loved that one!), and Fruits Basket (also a new favorite). I highly recommend the second two, but if you’re really into fan service, watch the first. They really gave me the distraction and entertainment I needed.

I’ve also been working on my family photo project. I’m taking all of the family photos and scanning them onto my computer. Once that’s done, I’ll edit them and get them into files by person so they can be easily found and accessed. There’s hundreds of photos, so this is definitely taking a while. All I’m doing right now is scanning and I’m not even half way through yet. This is a big project and even though I’ve wanted to do it for years, I know realize why I always put it off. It’s so tedious! Not that chainmaille isn’t, but this is a different kind of tedious. LOL! It’s fun though. I’ve been finding all kinds of jems. I’ve even discovered I get my fashion sense from my father. At least I think so.

I’m so sorry for the unexpected break in my posts, but life happened and it happened hard. There was a serious illness in my family and because of it, I lost someone very dear to me. This time of year has been hard on me the last three years and I really hope that the sadness is over now. I hope this stuff stops for a very long time. I won’t go into details because honestly, I don’t know where to start. I’ve started this post several times in the past few days and it always comes out jumbled, so I think it’s best, for now, that I just leave that out of my blog. I might write about it some day, but not yet.

I attended a show on Tuesday… I won’t lie, it was very slow. It looked pretty though.

The Setup

The Setup

Shot of the setup from above.

Shot of the setup from above.

I took this while I was bored. I thought it looked nifty.

I took this while I was bored. I thought it looked nifty.

On a more cheerful note, I will be in a show on Saturday! Come out and see me and the other artists/crafters and this fun event!

Mardi Gras Flyer

Well, other than all that, I’ve been busy but with stuff I’d rather not talk about. Things are about to get way more entertaining though, I’m sure. At least I hope so! I’d like some fun things to go on after these past few weeks. At this point I’m exhausted, so I’m going to go crawl into bed. Night to all and thanks for reading! Hopefully more interesting posts are to come!


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