Me: Mom, what does it mean when you start to watch a movie, realize it’s not even a good movie, it’s just an ok movie, don’t want to continue watching it, but can’t help but finish watching it?

Mom: It’s called being depressed or desperate.

Me: Ok, so…. Depration?

Mom: That… sounds painful.

Ok, so this isn’t going to be one of my more upbeat posts, but I AM trying to laugh a little here. My job hunting hasn’t been exactly fruitful. It seems like every where I look, they either want a degree (which I don’t have) or a minimum of 5 years experience (which I also do not have). What kills me is this: if everyone wants all these experienced people, where are these experienced people getting their experience?! Just sayin’….

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to be motivated to clean up around my home (though it’s not been all together successful, but there’s a little progress…) watching movies, and working on my taxes. I am once again grateful for the gathering I attended that explained to me so much about dealing with business taxes. I’m nearly done, I’m just waiting on one final thing and I hope to have that in my hands tonight so I can finish it.

While working on my taxes, I’ve made myself a new filing system. You know, one that actually works? :p So glad I have it put together and things are starting to be a LOT more organized now.

My new filing system. :)

My new filing system. 🙂

Perky has been especially lovey today, but I don't mind. :3

Perky has been especially lovey today, but I don’t mind. :3

It's been snowing like crazy all week.  This is the most I've seen of my neighboring buildings today.

It’s been snowing like crazy all week. This is the most I’ve seen of my neighboring buildings today.

I have my first craft show of the year scheduled for Tuesday, Februrary 5th for the Tuesday Market at The Galleria in Cleveland. I’ll be there from 11a-2p, so be sure to come and check out what I have to offer! I’ll have some new stuff up for sale as well, so be sure to stop in! I’ll have some of my new glass jewelry and some fun things for Valentine’s, so don’t miss it! I also have a few more shows in the works as well, and I’ll post about them as things come together.

Well, I think I’ll end this post for now and get back to work. I need to get some more cleaning done and some organizing. Hopefully, my next post will be more upbeat. :p Thanks for reading!


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