Learning About Taxes at an Etsy Event

Last night, I went to a Cleveland Handmade gathering where they planned to have a discussion about taxes. It was pretty cool! I’ve never been to one of the gatherings, and it was nice to see that there was at least 20 people who showed up! Meeting some of the people there was fun and in some cases, very inspiring. Some of the ladies there had actually been able to quit their day jobs and just do what they love! So cool to listen to the stories and such. Plus, there were swag bags and bags of cracker jacks – with prizes. LOL!

The Swag Bag

The Swag Bag

There was a lot of tax information given and I found it incredibly helpful. I now feel more prepared to handle my taxes this year and to better prepare for my taxes next year. I also learned a lot about Outright, a helpful tool for small business owners like myself. It helps you keep track of your expenses, earnings, and everything! I plan to start using it right away so I can be better prepared for next year and to help me keep better track of things. If you’re an Etsy seller or just a small business owner, I recommend checking this out!

After I got home, I was thinking about all that went on, the conversations I had, and the things I learned. That’s when it hit me: I had no anxiety that night. Usually, before I go to shows or events like that, I have very high anxiety. I don’t necessarily show it, but I do. I’ve noticed that over the past few months, it wasn’t as bad as it had been but it didn’t really occur to me until after I was home last night that I actually didn’t have a problem that time. I was able to have conversations with people without any anxiety feelings. I had a good time. I was even relaxed! That has never happened before. I had no problems, when it came to be my turn, introducing myself and explaining my craft. My anxiety isn’t something I really talk about. I try very hard to fight and hide it. However, I think setting up at craft shows has really helped me in that department and I’m very happy for it! I’m not saying it doesn’t still hit once in a while, but it has improved quite a bit! So yay for that! The ways that my crafting has helped me is incredible. It’s helped me ease boredom, make money, relieve stress, relieve anger, relieve anxiety, and now it’s really helped me with my social anxiety. I’m not saying that it’s the sole reason. There’s been quite a few contributing factors to this, but it is a large reason. Have you ever had an anxiety or problem that your art/craft has helped?

So, thanks for reading and my next update will probably be glass related!


3 thoughts on “Learning About Taxes at an Etsy Event

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  2. That was a very well written review for the Cleveland Handmade gathering. Maybe you could pick up a couple of extra bucks here and there writing other review? ^_^

    I think that your anxiety is calming down because you are discussing something that you love to do and that is very much an expression of who you are.

    My various crafting (duct tape, crocheting, baking, etc) lends credence to my uniqueness. I love being able to look people in the eye and say proudly, “I’m different, intelligent, and creative!”

    • I think you’re right! I think that has a lot to do with it. I’m very proud of my creativity and uniqueness.
      Thank you for complimenting my review. I may review things here and there. I don’t know how to get paid for making reviews, but that would be awesome! LOL! Something to consider at least. 😉
      I can’t wait to see what you’re working on! Will you ever post it in your blog?

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