Battling the Leagues of Dirt!

Yes, I’m battling. Battling myself to stop resting and get moving. Battling myself to clean up my apartment. Battling Christmas so I can take my apartment back until next holiday season. My apartment isn’t necessarily out of control messy, but if I don’t take a stand, it will slip into that void which I dread so much. So, this weekend, I tried spending a vast amount of time attempting to regain my clean apartment and my sanity. My attention was focused on the evil that is filth. Deep down, I’m a neat freak, even if I don’t always show it. :p

However, on Friday, my mom threw a wrench into my plans. My grandma wasn’t feeling well and she needed me to go check on her and take care of her a little bit. I didn’t mind. I was disappointed in the fact that at that point, I knew my apartment cleaning wasn’t going to get done, but there are things more important. So, I spent the majority of my weekend with her. I ended up doing some cleaning around her place and took care of her plants that were in need of some tlc. She was so happy that her house looked good again and I was so happy to help! I just wish she felt better, but she’s on the mend. I did manage to get a few things done this weekend at my place. Mostly some laundry and dishes. My kitchen almost looks normal again.

As I was cleaning up, I managed to arrange my wine. No, I don't have enough. Need more. :D

As I was cleaning up, I managed to arrange my wine. No, I don’t have enough. Need more. 😀

While I spent time with my grandma this weekend, my desire for working on a photo project was rekindled. I’ve had an idea for years to do this. I even started it while I lived there! Never got to finish it though. So, now I’m going to do that as well. Like I need another project, right? LOL! I’m going to scan all of the family photos and compile them into one spot. Then I can create disks to send to my cousins so they can have copies. I think it would be a great thing to have. Lots of history, all at my fingertips. So, I hope to have everything scanned by the end of the month. It’s not a set date, but I’d like to have them all at least scanned. Then I can take my time arranging them into files by person and typing up the family tree. Will I be able to do this with everything else that goes on? Well… I sure hope so! I figure a little bit each night will go a long way in the end! 😀

Also, this weekend, I obtained a new “toy” to add to my jewelry making arsenal. You’ll be seeing a post about it soon! I just want to make something with it first. hehehehe… I will give you a hint, though: glass. That’s it! That’s all you’re getting! 😀

Last night, I managed to bake a chocolate cake with vanilla icing and tackle the Christmas decor that had taken over my home. It’s all put away now. All I have to do now is finish cleaning then voila! Finished and I can work on my projects more freely! Add working out on top of all that, and I’m going to be one very busy lady… but I’ll love it!

Anyway, thanks for reading. Does anyone else have any problem areas in their home they’re trying to tackle?


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