Planner vs Tablet

A lot of people have noticed me using my weekly planner and have asked me, why don’t I use my phone or tablet? Well, I figured I would explain it here, all in one place. I have a few different reasons why I haven’t gone completely digital in my organization, and here is why.


1. Batteries. First of all, you can’t always depend on your phone or your tablet to always be charged. Things happen, life happens, and then what? Dead batteries or something happens and either they won’t work, you lose them, or they break. Then what? Sure, if you use google calendar or what ever, you can always access your info on the computer, but let’s say you’re out and about and need to know what day is best for you for a meeting or an appointment and your phone/tablet has a dead battery. Well, you can’t exactly run home and check your pc. However, when you have your planner, no batteries. It’s ready to tell you what you need to know about your schedule. There ya go.

2. Scribbles The second reason? Scribbles. I scribble. By scribble, I mean I jot things down a lot. Like when I need to add something to my grocery list or to do list, an idea I have for a project or something I’m working on whether that be with words or pictures. No apps to need to use where if you use too many apps, your info gets lost; just paper and a pen.

3. Organized and what works for me. I have a problem with remembering things. I have memory loss. Sometimes, something I need to do is only in my mind for a fleeting second. I don’t have time to turn on a device, find the right app, wait for it to load, and then put in what I need to put in. It doesn’t always stay with me that long. Plus, distractions happen. Life happens. I like having a place at my fingertips to jot or scribble down what I need to in a fleeting moment. I like being able to stay organized through it though some people find my scribbles overwhelming. It’s what works for me. I use my tablet for some things, like my to-do list and what not, but for the most part, my planner keeps my sanity and that’s what works best for me. 🙂

The more you know…. lol! So, what works best for you?


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