Welcome to 2013!

So, it looks like we survived. We made it past the dreaded zombie apocalypse and I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and brought in the New Year with a bang! The past week and a half have been crazy and awesome and a ton of fun! So, time to catch up.

First of all, I took a couple weeks off from my usual hobby of jewelry making. Why? For the holiday festivities of course! After my tree was decked out and I painted the pottery and made the glass plate, I wrapped gifts and relaxed a bit. I spent lots of time with my boyfriend and friends, and then my friend Khana came over for a weekend and my relaxing went to zero. We baked! Now, when I say we baked, I mean, WE BAKED. Lots of delicious noms!!! All the noms!!!!

We made some no bake cookies to start us off, some delicious Nissua bread (it’s a Finnish sweet bread), pretzel dogs for dinner, soft pretzels, and other various forms of noms.

Pretzel Dogs!! Om nom!

Pretzel Dogs!! Om nom!

Delicious Nissua!!

Delicious Nissua!!

We also played some games like The Big Bang Theory game (yes, they made a board game), and Wario Smooth Moves on the wii. We watched lots of movies via Netflix, and just had a great time. He left on Christmas eve and on Christmas day, I traveled out to Geneva to spend the day with my family, gifts and laundry in hand. (Yes, laundry. Why not?)

That morning, for the first time ever, I made breakfast for the family by myself. Usually, we have the same thing every year and mom just makes it up. This year, she took a break, so I did it and made something different. It was a hit and I’m sooo glad for it! I made cheesy scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, friend potatoes, and cranberry apple muffins. So delish!

Then, of course, it was present time. Everyone loved the gifts I made, so I was thrilled! Also, my mom got me a touch pad for Christmas! That’s going to make my travels much more entertaining and lighter than carrying my laptop! lol! The highlight of my Christmas was watching my father play Angry Birds Star Wars on the touch pad. Hilarious! Giggling and laughing all the way! Kinda wish I would have shot a video of it. :p Also, really really happy that we had a white Christmas!!

This past week has been spent working and still enjoying the holiday season. Lots of relaxing and spending time with my boyfriend and friends. Saturday brought an awesome party where I had a great time, as always! Didn’t get home until 2:30am. I’m not complaining though. 🙂 On Sunday I drove out to my parent’s house to have my dad and our mechanic look at my car. I have a leak and it will be fixed next Saturday. When I left, it was snowing so bad, the roads were completely covered. It was a lot of fun, though. When I headed back home, all was clear the entire way back. I’m loving all the snow we’ve been getting this year! I’m finally starting to enjoy it again! I hope to go sledding this year. I’m not enjoying my feet getting wet, though, and am looking forward to the snow boots I ordered arriving. I’m also hoping they fit! Guess we’ll see!

On New Years eve, I had to work. Boo. After work, however, I partied! I went to Zero’s and had a blast!!!! As always, it was an adventure and hilarious. :p Lots of fun was had! I returned home at around 3:30am and passed out. I took some cookies with me as well as this fast snack I picked up from an old friend’s blog. For New Years Day, I drove out to Geneva to have a dinner with my family that was, of course, delicious.

Woo! Party!!!

Woo! Party!!!

All in all, 2012 was one of the best. My love life changed for the better, I moved out on my own (no more roommates! Yay! Still miss him though.:p), and even took my business out into the world and started setting up at shows! 2012 was a big year for both me and my business! Lots of progress in both the business and in my personal life. It was even a big year for this blog! It was a fantastic year!! Here’s hoping 2013 will be just as good if not better!! 😀

Finally, I figured I’d say a little something about resolutions. I never really make resolutions, I just try to make each year better than the next. This year will be no different, though I do hope that I manage to be more active (I miss being active and it would be nice to lose the weight I’ve gained and then some), blog more often, and try even more arts! Gotta love the arts… ways to express yourself and make beautiful things, even if they are only beautiful to you. So what are your resolutions? How did y’all ring in your New Year?


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