In a Closed Barber Shop…

That’s where I was set up. In a closed down barber shop. I couldn’t believe it. It was so fun though! The show I did on Saturday was out in the Lakewood area in an area called Westown. The street I was on had a bunch of old closed shops and a theater. Some people were setup inside the theater and there were theater tours going as well. I wish I could have gone on a tour! I got to see some friends and meet one too! The ladies who were set up in the old shop with me were super nice and cracked me up. I would totally do this again!! I also made a bracelet for a friend while I sat there. I was productive while having fun at least… oh, and totally drank a bunch of hot cocoa that made me beyond hyper. :p Tis the season to be bouncy! Oh, and let’s not forget that I made a bell necklace as well. :p

IMG_20121201_110040 full setup main table 8242683045_8be059f8e7_c chainmaille ornament 8243731528_bd3358eec1_c

Afterward, I went and hung out with some friends and their place, then went to the Winking Lizard for dinner for the first time. It was delicious!

Sunday, my plans got canceled, but then I went to the art museum with some friends. I only got to see one exhibit, but that’s ok. I’ll definitely be going again. 🙂 It was my first time in a real art museum too! How sad is that? I’m an artist for crying out loud. :p

The only pic I took at the art museum. Yes I was allowed. I thought this little guy looked cool. :)

The only pic I took at the art museum. Yes I was allowed. I thought this little guy looked cool. 🙂

Other than that, after getting home, I made some foods around 10pm, made a few little ornaments for my tree, did a couple of cleaning things, and went to bed. Yesterday I went home, did some more cleaning and projects, and went to bed. So entertaining, right? :p Today I’m feeling rather tired as I have been for over a week now. This time, it’s not lack of sleep but rather lack of vitamin D. I really need to get some in my system, so I think I’ll buy some today along with a couple of smaller tubs to pack some stuff away in. Lots to do this week in terms of cleaning up, cleaning out, and finishing decorating for Christmas! 🙂 Also, some happy little project how-to’s coming this week as well, with any luck! So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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