The Horrible Pizza Advenure

Let me tell you, Sunday night was an interesting night indeed. A friend of mine and I tried to order some pizza for another friend out in North Dakota. We’re in Ohio. I think my friend put it best in an email telling his friends what had happened, and he has gracefully given me permission to post it. So, without further adieu, I give you, The Horrible Pizza Adventure I mentioned in my last post as described by my friend.

I found out my friend that I care about a lot has been living on $75 every 2 weeks since he started college back in the fall in ND.

Due to other financials, he doesn’t have any money(nor loan options) to continue schooling(which really sucks)
Point of the story, he didn’t have any food in his house. I found this out about 5:30 or so Sunday night.

My other friend that cares about him just as much as I do(in a different way but still), who lives nearby, came up with an idea of “lets order a pizza”.

This is where the fun began! So I go online to Pizza Hut thinking ok ill just use my CC and everything will be ok.

Ordered one of their BIG dinner boxes(2 medium sausage and extra cheese pizza, dinner rolls and breadsticks), a total of $26 worth of pizza(including delivery charge which didn’t include tip ???)

“you must have credit card present and a signature” it said L

So I decided, ok lets go get a gift card!

*hopped in my car and drove to the nearest pizza hut*

“We’re out of gift cards”, they say “You should try Giant Eagle so you can get fuel perks anyways”

I drove down to giant eagle. They don’t carry pizza hut gift cards.

So I was almost at a loss, I tried Walgreens(which is directly across from Pizza Hut) and they had a whole slew of them. So I picked up 2 $20 gift cards.

At this point it was 6pm by the time I got home. I jumped back online, re- filled out my order. And applied my first gift card.

“What other option would you like to pay the rest of your balance with?”

A. Credit Card

B. Check

C. Cash

Note the options above did not include ANOTHER gift card L

So at this point I was really getting burned out, I had my friend who lives nearby call them and try and complete this order, I gave her the 2 gift card #s and I thought ok this should work.

“We can’t take gift cards over the phone”, The girl at the local pizza hut in ND said

At this point some of you saw an angry tweet: “It seems you can’t use gift cards over the phone, nor can you use more than one gift card in a single transaction online @pizzahut Very upset”

OK FINE, so I went back online and had to lower my order to a NORMAL dinner box ($14 for one sausage with extra cheese medium pizza, cinnamon sticks and breadsticks). Placed the order DONE.

By this time it was 7pm and the pizza would be there in 30 minutes.

An hour passes. Still no pizza. So I have my friend in ND call up the store. They evidently had NO idea what my friend was talking about. So I call them up myself.

It turns out that they canceled my online order because they “ran out of the special” and had attempted to call my friend in ND twice(which he didn’t receive either of the calls).

So they said “since it was on a gift card we gave him a store credit of $14”. I proceeded to use that store credit and order(pretty much) the exact same thing.

Well the difference is $8 more, I said to the girl, “Can I pay by credit card and just have him sign for it?”

“Sure she said as long as you are ok with that”, she said.

*face palm* that would’ve solved all our problems in the first place!

So I go ahead and charge the $8 to my credit card and try and salvage what I had the rest of my evening.

30 minutes later my friend had his pizza. It turned out like the picture attached.


By this time @pizzahut on twitter ACTUALLY responded with “Please give us your point of view on out gift card redemption options at [Insert feedback form here]”

I tweeted again saying: “ON TOP OF THAT the @pizzahut pizza that was delivered like this: [insert horrible pizza picture here] You can bet I will be filing a complaint!”

I went online, filled out the feedback form, there was a 1000 character limit. I had 153 remaining characters by the time I was done.

I had the option to get a phone call from a pizza hut representative. I will make sure to try and get my friend free pizza!

I hope y’all enjoyed my story. All I can do is look back on it and laugh or I’d just explode heh.

The pizza mentioned:

So, that was the adventure written in the view point of my friend. Yes, I was the other friend involved in this. Needless to say, ridiculous and frustrating night and yet I couldn’t help but laugh when he raged on twitter. I wonder if that makes me a bad friend… guess I was just trying to find the hilarity in the situation as it went. Pizza hut contacted him and resolved the matter by sending him two coupons for free pizza. I guess, in the end, they do pay attention and care what people think of their service. Good to know! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this story of ridiculousness!


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