I was a Kuu-cicle!

Hello to all! I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! I certainly did, even though it involved me being covered in green sticky goo as I attempted to make sea foam salad. Can we say fail? There was green goo all over the fridge, counter, cupboards, floor, and me. Lesson? Never put cold cream cheese and hot green jello stuff in a stand mixer. Baaad combo.

Did any of you venture out on Black Friday? I did, but only after noon. I went to Target and bought myself a six foot Christmas tree. It’s the first time I’ve had a large Christmas tree since 2005! I’m so excited! It is now set up and in my apartment, but the only decorations on it so far are the white lights that came with it since it’s a pre-lit. I’ll decorate it this week though. I have lots of decorations and I’m really looking forward to making it look even prettier than it is!

After Target, I went to Pat Catans to buy a few things I needed for supplies. Not only did I get those, but I also bought some stuff to make a wreath! I didn’t plan on it, it was just there and hey! Black Friday. Why not? I was more than happy to gain some pretty project things.

Once I returned home, I got to work. I had spent most of my week making things for the Winterfest in Downtown Cleveland, and Friday was no different. I made lots of Christmas earrings and a couple of necklaces so I would be prepared for the crowd downtown. Now this leads me to the title of this blog.

I made holly earrings!

I was a Kuu-cicle! I was told that I would be inside a heated tent. Well, it was true. I was. However, the heater was about 100 feet away from me. Had I known this would happen, I would have brought a space heater! I spent the day shivering, but having fun. I bought a pretty purple and grey scarf from the lady across from me and filled up on hot cocoa. I saw some friends of mine and was extremely grateful to see them and then more friends showed up as I was packing up and helped me to my car! We then went out for some dinner inside Tower City, and then I went home. My legs felt cold and prickly and my toes I thought would break off.

My table, the lights (I wish I would have managed to get better pictures, but I was just too cold), and my new scarf:

The way home was interesting. I couldn’t make any left turns to go my usual route home due to the streets being blocked for the festival. I was ok. I knew where I was. The only problem was, I couldn’t get to where I needed to be! Somehow, I ended up on 77 south. This did not amuse me. Finally, I found a street to turn around at, so I did, and then finally found the on ramp to 90 east to take me home. Once home, I took the hottest and longest shower I think I’ve ever taken, put on my husky jammies, and drank some alcohol. I was finally warm hours later when I went to bed.

Sunday was spent cleaning and taking it easy. I only made one bracelet the whole day and that’s because I didn’t even realize I was doing it! I was talking to my grandma on the phone and when I hung up, I was half way done. I’m surprised I don’t do this stuff in my sleep. :p Reguardless, it turned into a pretty bell bracelet that sounds like Santa’s ninja reindeer trying to sneak into town. hahahah! I managed to get a lot done. I just have a couple things left to go. I normally don’t let my apartment go, but being so busy the past few weeks made it hard to clean. I also set up my tree that night. 🙂 There was another adventure about ordering pizza, but that will come in another blog. Oh! And I managed to finish hanging up stuff, so that’s one more thing crossed off my 13 by 2013 list!

Bell Bracelet (you can sound like a ninja reindeer too!)

Fish and Plate that I finally managed to hang up:

Monday came and brought normalcy back into things. I went to see my boyfriend and enjoy his company for a while, then came home relaxed and went to bed. Tonight is game night and I haven’t been in a while. I’m very excited to see my friends again! Also this week, I need to grab my tables from my mom because I will be setting up in Lakewood this Saturday! This is the most shows I’ve done this close together. It’s been a lot of fun! So yeah, I’ll be at the theater this Saturday for a Christmas show. There will be lots of vendors and fun, so come out and join us! Also this week, I hope to see a friend I haven’t seen in over a year and I’ll be going to a clay place that I have a certificate for. Talk about waiting til the last minute, it expires this month! Way to go me. lol

So as you can see, I have a busy week planned. Game night, seeing a friend, decorating the tree, finishing cleaning my apartment, going to make something out of clay, and preparing for yet another show. So much to do, so much to do! Tis the season to be busy, fa la la la la la la la la!! So, thanks for stopping by today and expect another post really soon!


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