Getting Ready for Chicago

Finally! It’s finally the week that I get to go to Chicago! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this trip for months now because it’s always so fun! This year is going to be different than previous years. This year, I’ll be staying longer, I get to ride there and back with my boyfriend (so excited for that!) and I have a full room full of friends and we’ll also be going out to explore. I’ve been there twice now and I am yet to go see the sights! So, this year, that shall change. At least that’s the plan. Expect lots of pictures in the next blog!!

Preparing for the Chicago trip has been very… tedious. Let’s go with that. I needed to get done with at least three lanyards, a scale collar, and a bracelet, and I finished that up last night. I wanted to have time to make a few other things, including another lanyard, but time fell short on me. I’ll be able to work on stuff while I’m set up in the Artist’s Alley though. Well, at least that’s the plan…

Over the weekend, I managed to make two lanyards which are always a lot of work. Crazy enough, I think I’ve spent so much time working my chainmaille that I’ve somehow managed to hurt my elbow and it’s now worked it’s way up to my shoulder. How? Not entirely sure, but I think it has something to do with making my own rings and the movements I do to make them. I won’t let it stop me though. I just started taking it easy and it will hopefully feel better soon.

The lanyards I accomplished:

Tag helped…

Also over the weekend, I had an old friend over. We talked and caught up, then played some chess like we always used to. At one point, Tag decided to help. LOL!

Yesterday, I made my stops to the bank to drop off a check, Target to get glow stick bracelets, and then the grocery store to buy some snacks, soda, and alcohol for the trip. Today I need to take my car to my parent’s place so they can have it worked on while I’m away and then finish up with any last minute packing and preparations. I guess it’s finally crunch time! This is about the time where I get the jitters. Sitting on the edge of here and away. My mother will be taking care of my kitties while I’m away and stopping in daily and I am entirely grateful for that.

With that being said, lots to do lots to do!!!! My next post will probably not happen until I have returned from Chicago, so until then, thank you for reading!


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