Surviving the Frankenstorm

At 8:30pm Monday night, I lost power. I had anticipated that. I had my flashlights ready and prepared and my nook fully charged. The power went out with a flickering crazy flash, and then I was in darkness for what I knew would be at least the night. I put my laptop into sleep mode (at least I’ll be able to use it to charge my phone), turned off all the nights that had been on so when the power does come back on it won’t be horrendously bright, grabbed my nook and my lights, and wandered off to my room. I was disappointed to see that after all the trouble I went through to get D batteries (I think I go the last ones in Willoughby), my lantern decided it doesn’t like me much and barely worked. So I said screw it and used my flashlights. I am SO thankful for led flashlights! They last sooo long! I’m still using my first one with no dimness yet! Love it! I ended up laying in bed and reading City of Lost Souls since I finished reading Hidden (which was exceptionally awesome!!!) last Thursday. It was hard for me to put down, but I eventually managed it and started to try to sleep. Living on the top floor of a building has a lot of perks. However, not when it comes to 60+ mile per hour winds. It sounded like my roof was being ripped off or someone was trying to break down my door. Thankfully, I have ways of knowing if someone is messing with my door, but I had to keep reminding myself that the sound wasn’t right. It was kinda creepy, but not something I haven’t dealt with before.

My light supplies:

When I woke up in the morning, I discovered that my pilot light on my stove had gone out. What’s the point in having a gas stove if you can’t use it when the power is out? Oh, and it was about 60-62 degrees in my apartment. Not too bad. I looked outside to see a lot of the parking lot flooded and a lot of people hadn’t left for work yet, which was uncommon. So, before I even bothered getting dressed, I called to make sure everything was up and running at work. There was no way I was going to get ready for work, walk down six flights of stairs, drive to work, walk up three flights of stairs, only to find out that nothing was working. Turns out, everything was working. So, I got ready, and ventured out.

To start with, you would think that there would be emergency lights in the hallway of the building. Oh no. It was pitch black and creepy as hell. Thankfully, I had my flashlights. I brought two of them. One for then and one for backup. I made my way down the creepy hallway until I reached the stairwell which I was pleased to see had windows. After making my way down and out to the car, I started heading to work.

I only work three miles from home, but I must say, I’m really annoyed that most people don’t remember squat when there is severe weather. When a traffic light is out, it becomes a four way stop people!! Not a free for all!!! Oh, and let’s not forget to add that in Ohio, even if it’s just sprinkling a little bit of rain, YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR FREAKIN’ LIGHTS ON!!!! Yeah. Stupid people were abundant. They think ‘Oh hey! It’s ok! It’s technically day time!’ Not when you’re driving a grey car in the rain. Most people can’t see you. I saw a few almost accidents because people were driving that way. Scary how most people don’t think.

Work went well and I went home. I climbed six flights of stairs and honestly, I thought it would be worse than it was. I am proud to say I made it the first five flights without needing a break. I guess working out a bit has paid off. After calling my grandma to wish her a very happy 93rd birthday (yay!), I spent some of my night doing chainmaille by candle light.

I also decided to cook a hot dog for dinner, but instead of using a pan, I decided it would be more fun to do it camping style. I also managed to get a fun shot of the flames. 🙂 Oh, and I was able to do this by turning the gas on that burner on really low and lighting it very carefully.

After I got tired of doing chainmaille via candle light, I carefully blew out all the candles (though I did enjoy the nice warm glow they gave off through my living and dining areas) and headed to my room for the night. For the rest of the night, I laid in bed reading City of Lost Souls.

Just around 10:30, the lights popped back on. I was so thrilled!!! I am still thrilled, however, it’s was only at about half electricity. My lights came on, but most were dim, I had heat again and my stove and oven work without me using a lighter. The lights in the hall were back on. However, only half of the lights were on in the hall, the elevators didn’t work, and as I mentioned before: the lights were dim. Oh, and I had no hot water yet either. So, it was still a victory, but a half of one. I’m was hoping the rest would get resolved by that night, but it didn’t. When the electric went out in the first place, it was a lot of flashing and you could hear it surging like when they electrocute someone in the movies. It was creepy.

Speaking of creepy, I have to say, I was creeped out. Twice. First when I went to light a candle, I thought I heard a cat’s low meowing down by my feet, but my cats were in a different room. Gave me goose bumps. The second was after the power came back on, I thought I heard a knocking on my door, but no one was there. So yeah. Creepy. Otherwise, not a bad night.

Wednesday, the 50% power continued. Same as the night before. I’ve gotten used to walking up the five flights to my floor. I really don’t mind it that much. I will probably continue doing it after the power is fully restored unless I’m bringing up groceries or other things such as that. It’s good exercise! Taking these stairs is a lot easier than taking the ones where I used to live. The ones where I used to live were much narrower. These feel safer.

Wednesday night, I made a sad discovery. When the power fizzled and went out, it killed my fridge. Now, it sounds like a miserable dying cow. No, it’s not because it’s on 50% power. I talked to someone else with the same power issues and her fridge and freezer are working like normal. So, I’ve now lost the majority of my cold and frozen food. My freezer was sixty degrees that night. I managed to move all of my stuff to my balcony, but I know it’s not cold enough to really keep it. In the end, I had to trash all of my meat, eggs, and milk. A few things kept… like the cheese, condiments, and drinks, but that’s about it. I called maintenance and after a long discussion which included such wonderments such as “try plugging it into a different plug (which didn’t work)” and “I thought your building was back to full power”, he said he would be by to take a look at the fridge and replace it if necessary the next morning. I spent the rest of my night working on chainmaille and chatting with a few people, then I went to bed.

Thursday morning, I woke up and gave myself yet another bath in the sink. Gotta love boiling hot water so you can bath and wash your hair! :p After getting dressed and ready for work, I then changed the cat litter, moved their litter and food into my room, bribed them inside with treats, and shut the door. I don’t need them “helping” the maintenance people as they deal with my fridge and I don’t want to risk them getting out either. I know they were not please with this, but at least they were comfortable.

After I got home, I discovered they never came to look at my fridge. So, I let the kitties out of their lock up and called to see if they had, and was told by a very annoyed office worker that they had not. In fact, she had a crappy attitude with me and told me that my fridge was probably not working due to the partial power and that the power would not be up in full running for another three or four days because the damage is now underground. Then she said that if my fridge was still broke after I was back to full power to call back then and hung up on me. She wouldn’t let me explain that my freezer was now 75 degrees and getting hotter. So I said the hell with it, unplugged it, and went down the office and logged a complaint against the person I talked to for having a nasty ass attitude with me and got the answer to my question. Was that so hard to answer my question in a polite tone? I think not.

After I returned to my apartment, I had a neighbor, who I can foresee becoming a fun friend to have, visit. Then a bunch of us went out for dinner at Steak n Shake. I mean, I lost all my cold food, so why not, right? I must say that though I had fun and the food tasted great, eating Steak n Shake then climbing five flights of stairs doesn’t feel that great. lol! I think sticking to my healthy diet is key. :p

Once home, I finished a commission and started packing up a few small things for the weekend. I made some arrangements with my father and I seem to be all set. So, tonight I’ll be going to my grandma’s and taking my laundry and show stuff with me. I’ll work on finishing up the stuff I need to finish up using electricity tonight at her place while I wash clothes. Tomorrow I’ll be set up at the N.E. Geek Expo in Jefferson Ohio at the fairgrounds in the expo building! Come get geeky with us! It’ll be a lot of fun! On Sunday, I’ll have my breaks replaced and head home. At least I’ll be able to take an actual shower and wash my laundry this weekend. Oh, and bonus! Not have to worry about cooking! Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook, but the power situation in my apartment is really pissing me off.

So, that’s about it. That’s my survival thing so far. I was only going to post this after my power was back to full, but I think this is enough for one post. I hope everyone else has fared well if you were involved in the storm! Thanks for stopping by!


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