Power Outage: A Survival Guide

I should have thought to post something like this before the Frankenstorm, but since winter is upon us and snow storms and power outages are not uncommon, I figured it would be good to post something like this. Besides, the following tips can be used for both winter and summer months. Also, I know some of these things are pretty common sense, but there are some people out there that just don’t think of these kind of things. Their world halts and they have no idea how to function. So, I made this for the masses and are in no particular order.

1. Don’t panic. I know this should go without saying, but in today’s world and our tech filled lives, many people start to panic or become irritated with the lack of technological convenience. Try to have some fun with it! If you do, the time will go much much faster.

2. Call your energy provider. If you don’t, it will take a lot longer to get the ball moving to get you back in the modern world.

3. Always have flashlights and candles available. I add candles into this because if you run out of batteries, then what? You don’t know how long some power outages will last and if you’re low in your stock of batteries, candles may become your only option. Hand crank lights and radios are also useful to have. That way you can also keep up on what’s going on around you.

4. If it’s cold outside, use it to your advantage. By this I mean that if it’s cold outside and warm inside and your fridge is starting to be warm too, move your refrigerated items outside on your porch or balcony. I recommend that if animals can get to them, put them in some plastic tubs of some sort. That way your food doesn’t spoil and you can easily access it.

5. If it’s warm outside, never underestimate the power of a cooler with ice. Same concept as above. If your food is getting warm, put it in a cooler with ice if you can. If you don’t have any, maybe go to a store close by.

6. Eating. If you can, try to stick to sandwiches with stuff you have on hand. If not, never underestimate the power of a grill. Not only can you cook some hot dogs or hamburgers or whatever on it, but you can also use it to heat water or cook anything else. Foil can be your friend if you really want to get adventurous with the food.

7. Tired of drinking water? If you have enough that you can do it, make tea in the warm months by putting it in a glass jug or even a cup of tea in a glass by putting it in the sun for a few hours. Or just make some cool aid. Just keep in mind, once the tea is made, it should be kept cool.

8. Bathing. Put some water in a large bowl or bucket and use that and a wash cloth. Need to shave? Same concept. There’s no reason for you to have to remain stinky after a few days as long as you have access to water.

9. Entertainment. Now THIS one is a huge issue to many people. So many people rely on tv and video games and such to entertain them. So, if you don’t have access to your usual favorite forms of entertainment, try crafting something or reading a book. If you’re not alone, maybe try playing some cards or a board game if you have one. If all else fails, maybe try writing. Write a letter or maybe even try your hand at writing a story. Feeling like a kid again? Build a fort! Finding ways to entertain yourself will definitely make the time go by faster. There are all kinds of ways to be entertained without technology, you just have to be creative.

10. Warmth. IF it’s cold out, do your best to try to stay warm. Use several blankets and layer up. Have plenty of warm blankets on stand by for after you go to bed. You don’t know how much colder you might get in the night, and having some right next to the bed will be perfect for late night piling.

11. Cell phone. Most people these days have smart phones. One way to make your battery last (for those of you who don’t know) is to go into your settings and turn off wifi and 3g. Your battery will last a lot longer that way. Also, if you have a fully charged laptop, you can use the usb ports to charge your phone until you’re of of batter there as well. At least it could help you last a while. Also, a good investment would be to get a battery powered charger for your phone. That way you can use it even when camping or anywhere else you don’t have access to charge it.

12. Remember to sleep. Sleep through the night. Time will pass much faster that way. I know it can be unnerving to sleep when things don’t feel “right” at home, but in the end, you might find that the added silence makes for great sleeping!

Ok, I really don’t know what else to add to this other than to try to stay safe. Just remember: people survived a long ass time without electricity. You can do it too. :p

Also, don’t forget about your pets! Keep them indoors if it’s too cold out and be sure to give them some love, attention, and play time as well! Help each other pass the time. :3

Thanks for reading! Oh, and hey! Want to add something to the list or any ideas that can help you pass away the time? Send in a comment!


2 thoughts on “Power Outage: A Survival Guide

  1. Don’t forget on the candle suggestion, one should be sure to have a lighter or matches kept with the candles. They are not much good if you can’t light them.

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