The Sound of… Spiders?

The other night, as I sat at my desk watching The Sound of Music (I wanted a change of pace, what can I say?) I started filling some orders and also, creating something for this month. I made some beaded spiders! They’ll be this month’s special in honor of it being fall and Halloween! Now, I’m not a fan of spiders what so ever. In fact, I can’t stand them and they freak me out. However, these are pretty enough for me to like, so I’ll stick with them. I’d rather have these lurking in my apartment than the living ones any day! I have them in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes! I have some that are just for decoration that hang or stand alone, and then I have some for pendents, hair sticks, hair clips, earrings, and pins! I am having a lot of fun making these little guys! So, get them while you can! They’re perfect for Halloween and the fall season! Heck, they’re fun all year round! I have a few up for grabs already in the Etsy shop with more to come! So, here’s some photos of some of the spiders I’ve made. If you don’t see them in the etsy shop, note me and I can make them into what you’ll want them for!

I have also made some other new earrings as well! 🙂

Also, thank you to my regular readers who were patient in my modifying of the site! It is finally finished!! Thoughts? For those curious, this is the actual background image:

Lastly, as the new count down meter says to the right, I will be setting up once again at 78th Street Studios on the 19th! Be sure to come out and see me! I’ll have some great deals for you there!! There is also plenty of amazing artists to see there as well! So, thanks for baring with the two days of modifying and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “The Sound of… Spiders?

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