The Move and Grape Jamboree Are Over! Time for an Update…

That’s right! I managed to get through the past couple of weeks and am now on to new things. So, this is what all has happened in the past couple weeks. Just to warn you, this is going to be a bit of a long post and I apologize for some of the blurry pictures, but I couldn’t access my camera for a bit. First off, I moved! Yay! My roommate and I have gone our separate ways now that the lease is up and we have moved out and on. I moved across town and am in a very nice one bedroom apartment in a building that reminds me a lot of a hotel. You need to gain access from a call box, and there’s a large lobby with tables and chairs. Organized events you can attend, a mail room, and on each floor there’s a laundry room, storage area, and garbage chute. In another building, there is a gym and an indoor pool. This is all very new to me. Most places I’ve lived are not like this. I really like it so far! It’s very nice, quiet, safe, and convenient. Where I live now, I’m only about 5 minutes from work and 10 minutes from my boyfriend. It’s fantastic!

So, when I moved in, it went very well. Amazingly, there was enough of my friends helping that I managed not to hurt myself. I am beyond thankful for them and they’re help! They didn’t think I’d be able to fit all of my things in my new place, but I did!

This is what it looked like before and during unpacking:

My cats were very helpful.

Also, living on the sixth floor kinda makes me feel like I live in a tree house.

Thankfully, I had the entire week off from work following the move so I could unpack and get settled. For those who have followed my blog for over a year, you’ll know that it took over a month for me to unpack last time due to being sick and working all the time. Well, this time, I was getting over a cold and had the week off, so I was finished packing on Friday! Less than a week! I could have done it sooner, but I took it slow and steady so as not to hurt myself. However, I did manage to hurt myself in the end, though I’m not sure how. Just after I finished packing, my back and hip started to hurt so bad, that I had to take a muscle relaxer and some pain killers. I now have a chiropractor appointment. It’s not been fun. Anyway, here is what my new home looks like now:

I know, I know. My bed isn’t made. Oh well. Also, my table is not together yet, but it will be soon. Just need someone strong enough to put the top on. I forgot last time my boyfriend was over. Plus, I need to declutter my desk. Anyway! I posted these next two on Facebook already, but can someone tell me what the extra low toilet paper holder is for on the bottom left and gee, can you tell this building was built in 1975? Can we say retro exhaust fan? Still love it though! 😀

Oh, and tonight I put a few boxes in my storage locker. Does this place look creepy to you, because it sure does to me!

Over this past weekend, I was set up and selling at the Grape Jamboree in Geneva, Ohio. It’s my home town and I had a very good time selling at my booth. My boyfriend was there and was a huge help and I think I did pretty well! It’s the biggest craft show I think they’ve had there in years and I was thrilled to be a part of it! I also had some photos in art show, but unfortunately didn’t place. It’s ok though! It was nice to be able to submit this year!

My booth:

My biggest sellers at this show was my grape items (of course) and my hair clips. The grapes sold so well on Saturday, I couldn’t keep up! I also managed to snag a few orders. It felt great to be set up there and working tediously at my craft! I saw so many of my friends and people that I haven’t seen in years! I couldn’t believe it. I had forgotten just how many people come back for this event. My boyfriend also made some nifty signs out of wire. I want him to make more of them. 🙂

As of Monday, I returned to work and my usual life. It’s good to be back though. I did, however, somehow manage to lose my drivers license while I was at the jamboree, so I had to go and get it replaced Tuesday morning on my way to work. I searched everywhere for it and even had my mom go search where I had been, but to no avail. At least I have a new one now so I’ll be able to carry on as usual.

So, that is my past couple of weeks in review and an update as to my life now. All I need to do to my apartment now is to move a few boxes to my storage locker. I’ll do that at some point this week. I’ve also been craving good books and cookies. Fall is officially here and making me want to bundle up warm,read, work on crafts, and bake! I’m also hoping to get some fun fall photos in as well! I’m currently working on some festive crafts that will be revealed by the end of the week. 😉 Trust me, they’re very fun, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by today!

Oh, and today, I met this little guy. He says hai!


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