Adventures in Packing

I have been meaning to post, but I get very distracted with packing, so I’m sorry that it’s been a bit longer than planned. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m moving. Yet again. I’m practically a professional at this by now. This will be my 11th time in 7 years. Can you believe that?! I’ve moved more times in seven years than my 93 year old grandmother did her entire life. Kudos to me, I guess. To be quite honest, I don’t like moving. At all. It just seems to happen that way. The lease on my current place is up, my roommate has moved on, and I’ve no use for living in such a large place alone. So, I’m moving to a smaller place with more and better amenities than where I’m at now. Heck, maybe they’ll even do a better job at plowing the parking lot this winter. It’s just across town, though, so it won’t be a nightmare like last year.

Last year, the moving was insane. First of all, a couple months before the move, I had to go down to Tennessee to bring my stuff from there back here to Ohio and put it in a storage unit. Then, when I moved into the place I’ve lived for the past year, we had to move stuff from three different places. THREE! I’ve gotten rid of a lot of that stuff since then as well, thankfully. However, I did accumulate a lot of new stuff due to my arts. Go figure, right? Thankfully, this year, everything is going from one spot to another spot and that’s it. Also, there will be a moving truck involved and not just a pickup truck. Yay for improvements! Also, hoping for more help this time too. Looks like it’s going to happen! 😀

So, on to what’s been going on the past couple of weeks. Lots and lots of packing. I’m almost done, too! Well, I kinda have to be. We’re doing the move on Saturday, but the bright side is that on Thursday, I should only have to pack a few little odds and ends. I should be able to be mostly finished tonight. Yay!! The electric is set to be turned on the day before I move in and the internet will be installed on Monday. So, I’ll be without internet for the weekend, but that’s fine. I’ll just be unpacking anyway. :p

Tag likes to help pack. It’s serious work:

Perky and Tag have been having a blast with all this packing. I mean, come on! All the cardboard, what cat wouldn’t have fun with that! It’s been pretty hilarious, to be honest. The other night, I was able to witness Tag sledding down Mount Boxopolis. He freaked at the time, but determined after he reached the end that it was so much fun, he’d do it again. Then there’s Perky who likes to steal chap stick and has a shoe fetish. I managed to find one of my missing chap sticks in the toe of my tennis shoes. Go figure. Cats. LOL!

Speaking of my wonderful cats, I have to post a picture of the damage done to my neck. A couple weekends ago, my mother came over and helped me clip kitty nails. Well, Perky just had one claw left to go when something startled her and she freaked out, causing some painful scratches on my neck:

All is okay now, but dang if it didn’t hurt like hell!

Next week is going to be a nice but busy week. I’ll be on vacation from work (the first time I’ve taken a whole week off in a very long time) and I’m going to spend it unpacking, cleaning out the old apartment, and preparing for Grape Jamboree which is the following weekend. I have some great new stuff I’ll be selling there as well, so be sure to come see me at the craft fair there! I’ll have some photos submitted in the art show as well! I’m very excited for Grape Jamboree this year and I hope to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a while along with my friends. 🙂 Also, I have a bit of a new setup, so this will definitely be a great weekend!

Some new stuff you’ll be able to see and purchase that I haven’t posted before:

Well, that about does it for my updates. Last night I cooked my last home cooked meal in my apartment (I’m going to survive on sandwiches and left overs for the rest of the week). I won’t be able to post again until after I’m in my new place, so thanks for stopping by today and I’ll post again when I’m set up in the new place!

Oh, as a side note, those who want to can finally follow me on Instagram! Also, I updated the look of my Twitter. 🙂


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