Back To “Normal”

As far as I can tell, everything’s back to normal with me, well… as normal as I can be. I, myself, am far from “normal”. You get the gist, anyway. I haven’t had any episodes or swelling since Tuesday, so all is well in that department. I’ve slowly been getting things done this week, mostly errands and jewelry, but also a bit of cleaning. I’m so glad it’s finally Friday!

So, I thought I’d share a few funny things today. First of all, I’ve discovered a new thing my cats are doing. Not sure why, but it’s happening. Apparently, they like the smell of my sandals so much, they’ve tried to dig in for closer inspection.

So, then I decided to wear these shoes to work.

They look great on me except for the fact that I’m so not used to wearing shoes like that, I walk like a duck. It’s really a sight to behold. There should be a video of this.

In other news, I got some awesome new glass beads from someone I talk to who makes them! They’re so pretty! I just don’t know what to use them with first!!

Also, my creativeness has been kicked into hyper drive. I have little notes and diagrams scribbled all over my planner for this week. Plus, I’ve started making some of them. I made some new bracelets but also, these great hair clips!

I’m so happy with how these turned out! There will be a lot of different colors and even more types of hair accessories and other new jewelry to come! I’m so very excited about all of it. I’m thinking that by Grape Jamboree weekend, I’ll have a bunch of new stuff up for grabs! I also hope to find time to work on adding more for to the shop this weekend. This weekend will be dedicated to me purging the apartment of things I want to sell in the upcoming garage sale next weekend, packing, and making stuff! So, expect some fun updates coming up! Oh, and I’ve updated my events section! Be sure to check it out!! Thanks for stopping by!


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