Guess I’m a Mutant?

Well, yesterday was certainly interesting. I went to the dentist again, this time for x-rays. I manage to get a copy so I could show my parents, and I figured I’d upload it here as well. I’ve told a few of my friends about my strangeness, but turns out I’m even stranger and I have the proof! Hahaha!

Here is my x-ray:

As you can see, I have huge top molars and no bottom ones and no wisdom teeth. I actually have a hole in my left molar, and both of them are going to be pulled. So, basically, my bottom molars never existed. I’ll also never have wisdom teeth, though that isn’t uncommon anymore.

When my dentist remarked how odd it was that I didn’t have bottom molars – not even impacted ones – I told him that I also lost my canine teeth three times. He couldn’t understand it. At one point, when I was little, I had two sets of canine teeth (I call them canines, others call them eye teeth). So yeah. I’m weird in even more ways that most thought before. Still, I found this all very entertaining and thought I’d share. Granted, when I actually get my molars pulled, it will be way less entertaining than this, but I’m trying to embrace the entertainment while it lasts. :p

So, after that, I went out to visit my family and spent the whole day with them. Managed to help my dad get my bike out from the depths of the barn as well. I’ll be bringing that home with me next week and it will be great to be able to ride again!

Today I’m trying to catch up on chores around the house. Guess my break is over and I should get back to it. Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Guess I’m a Mutant?

  1. Been looking into this “mutation” recently and so excited to discover that somebody else has funky teeth! ^.^ I am twenty and have no adult molars in my mouth…It’s going to be terrible when I finally have to get them pulled. I’m going to try to hang onto them for as long as possible. Does anyone else in your family share this trait? My father never lost his canines, and his brother and uncle had all of his teeth removed by the time they was 30.

    • Actually, I think I’m the first this has happened to. Also, everyone in my family had their wisdom teeth and I won’t ever have them. Good to know I’m not alone! LOL!! Thanks for sharing!!

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