Upcoming Show and a Bi Plane

That’s right! Finally, the announcement of the upcoming show I promised you. Next Saturday, June 21st, I’ll be set up at The Firehouse Winery from 12-8pm. Come stop by and see me! I’ll have items there for sale that are exclusively offline! I hope to have a preview by mid week of some of the stuff that will be there for sale. Come have good food, good drinks, and good music and see some crafters while you’re there!

In other news, I’ve been watching all week as the Lost Nation airport gets ready for it’s air show this weekend, and yesterday I had a special treat. I had the enjoyment of sitting on my balcony while watching a red bi plane do stunts and fly around. Of course, this meant I had a chance to take some pictures. Here are a few of the good ones.

After enjoying my little preview of the airshow, I ended up with some friends at the hookah bar, followed by an impromptu gathering at my apartment. It made for an interesting night. Today I’ll be busy busy busy, but hopefully having some fun as well. More to come soon and thanks for stopping by!


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