Two Coming Months of Chaos

So, after discussing what all is going on with a friend of mine yesterday, I really got a look at what the next couple of months are going to look like for me. This… is going to be insane. I’m going to be involved in two shows: one next weekend and one the last full weekend of September. That means I have to prepare for two shows in the next two months. Not only that, but I have to find a new place and move as well. I’m a little stressed right now just thinking about it all. Of course, there are also tons of little things going on as well.

On the bright side, I finally have my canopy I need to set up at shows as well as my transient vendors license. I’m very excited about the possibilities of expansion in front of me now! It’s like it’s all finally falling into place (with a little nudge from me here and there). I’d also like to say I’m very grateful to have my friends and family supporting me through this and a few of my friends guiding me to get what I need. 😀 Oh, not to mention experiment. haha! How does someone incredibly busy find time to experiment with new things? Dunno, but I’m doing it. :p

On Sunday, some friends and I went to watch the fireworks in Fairport Harbor. It was packed, but it ended up being a flop because the fireworks ended up being cancelled. We still had some fun though! 🙂

Also, I finally have a display table and a vise for my drill press!! Woohoo!! That means awesome new stuff I will be able to make will be coming soon, including the Bullet Time Watch! So prepare yourself people, prepare….

Vice for the drill press!

On that note, I’ll end this for now. I’ll be doing my practice run through of setting up the canopy this weekend so it won’t be as much of a challenge (or at least I hope not) when I do it next weekend. Also, this weekend, is a local air show across the street from me! I’m sooo looking forward to that one!! Expect pictures of planes coming soon. 😀 The new shows and dates will also be listed on the calendar and on here by week’s end. Thanks for stopping by!


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