A lot has been happening…

That title is holding well and true. There have been plenty of times since my last post that I’ve told myself to make an update, but then something would happen and I wouldn’t. So here’s what’s been going on. Most of it good, just a little bit of bad. Well, hey, that’s life, isn’t it? In the past month I have cut my hair (just shoulder length for the summer months) and gone on some adventures. I’ve even taken up some additional hobbies! I know, I know… like I needed anymore, right?

First of all, my garden on the balcony is not in good shape. I think the sun has been too harsh on most of it, so I’m going to get rid of the vegetation that has not survived and spread the remaining out and hope for some better growth. My herbs and hot peppers are the main survivors. I’m unsure of the zucchini and the tomatoes as of yet.

I have been making a lot of new pieces of jewelry and will be posting them up for sale soon, but I’ve also been working hard on creating even more stock for the upcoming sales I’ll be having. They’re still in the works as of the moment, but I hope to have more information by next week and have some plans finalized. This week, I need to get my vendor’s license and a canopy. Once I have those, I will be able to be put things into the next step of the process. Hopefully I’ll have everything set by the end of next week and I’ll be able to make an announcement as to the next two shows I’ll be doing.

Also, on the jewelry front, here are a few private commissions I’ve done:

and here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming to the shop:

Oh, and some of these also! Yes, I’m working with paracord now too!

Oh, and randomly, I made a water candle:

With the weather being so nice, I’ve been out enjoying it as much as possible and have been spending a lot of time outside of the house. I’ve also gained a new small hobby by geocaching. It’s been a lot of fun so far and it’s helping me stay motivated to be out and about. I’m also considering joining a few work out classes to help me get in better shape and I plan to bring home a bike soon, hopefully in the next week! It’s going to take a lot of work, but I’m hoping to get into better shape by the end of summer. Also, I have a new goal for the summer, as strange as it may sound. I want to visit all the lake metroparks this summer and walk them, as well as visit Cuyahoga State Park and another state park where I can climb 140 stairs up Fort Hill. I must be nuts, but it’ll be worth it on so many levels!

So, in past month, I’ve mostly just been outside, planning, projecting, out and about, and spending time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. Earlier this month, I lost my Uncle. I’m going to miss him more than I ever think he’d have known and I learned a lot from him. On a lighter (but also not so bright note), my back tooth broke and it hurts. A lot. I’m planning on going into the dentist this week. I’m totally freaked out. Why? I’m terrified of dentists. However, this is serious and I’m in pain, so I need to gather up all of my courage to go face that which I fear and get it done and over with.

With that all said, there was the good, the bad, and now for the weird. What happens when two women live together? Shoes. That’s what happens. Lots and lots of shoes. Since they collected by the door, I came up with a solution. Behold the before and after shots!

And on a final note, I’ve included some pictures of kitties at play, construction at sunset, Cleveland at night, and the underneath of a bridge while out geocaching. I know it seems a bit random, but I’m random, so it works. 😉 LOL! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by today!


2 thoughts on “A lot has been happening…

  1. Busyness!!! Yay! I love the twisted chain necklaces. It’s a simple, yet beautiful design. My great-grandmother gave me one like those when I was 11, but I lost it a couple of years later. 😦 The cork idea is fantastic! Pitch point: corks from celebrations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. What a great keepsake!

    I just took pictures of my garden. It’s fairing well. Hope to post my update on it today.

    • That is a great pitch point! It’s something I shall offer. 🙂 Thank you for that! The twisty necklaces are a lot of fun to make. I shall be offering them in various colors and combinations. 🙂

      I look forward to the pictures of your garden! As soon as I get done altering mine, I shall be posting pictures of that again as well. 🙂

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