New Stuff in the Shop and New Creations!!

Welcome, again, to yet another installment of my insanity. Some of you may think I’m perfectly sane, but I find that being sane is vastly overrated. Anyway, as you can see by my picture to the left, I have a few new creations. That is my first head piece and the lovely tree of life circlet is listed in my shop. I had a lot of fun making it and I’m looking forward to making more of them and different designs. πŸ™‚ Below are a few of the new things I have listed in my shop, but be sure to go take a look through all that I have in my Etsy shop! This is just a sampling:
Top: Rocky Rhode Blues and Blue and Silver Glow Watch.
Bottom: Captured Bead Necklace and A Little Twist Bracelet.

Also, another and latest new creation: my gypsy belly belt! I am SO proud of this!!

In other news, Ali now has a blog of her own and it is literally a sister site! I’m very excited for her and her new project! So please, go check her out!

For those of you who read and/or noticed my new section, The List, I’ve added a few more things to it. As I said, always adding. πŸ™‚
Lastly, I would like to thank all of you who follow my blog! It makes me smile and I really do appreciate it!
And with that, I’m going to end it here for now. Lots of stuff in the works right now and a busy week at that! Expect some new projects and some new photos coming soon! The weather is finally supposed to stay steady and nice and with that comes lots and lots of photos, fun, events, and projects, so stay tuned!


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