Catching Up and the Weather Warming Up

I’m baaaack! *cue the theme music to Beetlejuice* I have been up to a lot of things and am finally able to blog. Talk about a crazy few weeks! So, for at least three weeks (as I mentioned before in my last blog), I was working on stock for the craft show. The show was successful in some ways, and in other ways not. There wasn’t a very good turn out at all, to be quite truthful, but I made the best of it and had fun. That was an important factor, in my opinion. There were a lot of new things at the show that I haven’t posted yet, so I am slowly posting them up in the shop. I’m hoping to have them all up by the end of the week, along with a few other goodies. 🙂 While I’m doing that, I’ll also be re-organizing and shifting some things around. It seems I have to do this every few months as I grow, but I don’t mind. I often rediscover things that I had lost. :p Staying organized is absolutely key, that’s for sure! So, be prepared to see new stuff making appearances in the shop this week!
Here is a picture of my set up at the show and a few pictures of what I’ve added to the shop this week:

Last week was a busy one. Not in the terms of making things, but more in the terms of socially. I had intended to relax for the week and maybe see a few people, but the week turned out more social than I had ever intended. Hey, I don’t mind! It was great seeing everyone and spending time with people. 🙂 Monday, I had dinner with a friend, Tuesday was game night, Wednesday I had dinner with my Dad, Thursday I spent time with my boyfriend, and Friday, I somehow ended up on skype for a few hours. :p Saturday, I sent a lot of time sleeping and made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some healthy foods to make. I was tired. Sunday, I did some tidying up and my mom stopped over and visited, which was nice. We also shared the event of clipping my cat’s nails. Oh what fun what fun. The problem child behaved and the other problem child made up for what the other one didn’t do. Always a laugh and an adventure when trying to get those two to cooperate. After that, I just watched some movies and did a few small things here and there.
On Friday, on my way home, I stopped at a cool farmer’s market that isn’t far from me and is practically on my way home from work. It’s also right next to a nursery. So, needless to say, I had to check them both out. I’m planning on creating a small garden oasis on my balcony this summer and filling it with herbs and veggies and, of course, some flowers. Art can be found anywhere and in many different forms and to me, I see the balcony as a blank canvas waiting for something to happen. So, I shall make it both beautiful and functional! I’m so excited to be doing this! It’s in the planning stages right now, but it will happen within the next two months. I’m also happy that this garden will be contributing to my healthier eating. Yes, I’m doing my best to eat healthier and am doing a great job so far! I’ve kicked my fast food eating to the curb and have kicked the caffeine addiction. I’m so proud of myself! I’m now cooking and eating healthier and plan on getting into shape as well. Healthy is the key and I’m really working at it to be healthier!
Last night was game night and it was a blast, as always. Even made a treat to take with me. 🙂 Ah… friends, games, and yummies. Just what the doctor ordered. Today will be my physical therapy evaluation. Not looking forward to that one so much. After getting my hurt back fixed, it turned out I need some physical therapy to follow it up. What ever makes me feel better, right? This won’t be my first time with physical therapy and it’s not bad, it’s just scheduled time I’d prefer to use elsewhere.
Well, on that note, I’m going to end this post for today. I plan on doing some cleaning and some cooking of healthy noms tonight after I get home. I will, however leave you with this picture I took of the sunset last week. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!


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