Kuucast Episode 1

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be in radio. I would pretend to be a radio DJ and play records on my little record player, then it evolved to tapes. As I got older, my friends and I would make pretend radio shows and news reports and the like. Over the past few years, friends that didn’t even know that small piece of my personal history have recommended I start a podcast. So, I have finally created the Kuucast. This is the first episode of many to come and they will get progressively better over time. Expect random topics and guests. Eventually even maybe a co-host or two. So, for now, enjoy the first episode and please be patient as I work out the bugs and tweek it. Also, you will be able to find this episode and more to come in my Kuucast section of my website. Thanks for reading and listening!


2 thoughts on “Kuucast Episode 1

  1. Well…..I have to say this Kuucast is very interesting!!! You do sound good on the radio…..I hope this takes off for you!!!

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