First Update of 2012

I know, I know. Not a very original title, but it is what it is. The holiday season brought a lot of business, chaos and an increase in social life and therefore left me no time to make any posts. So, let’s take a look back at what’s been going on, and then we’ll cover plans for 2012.
So, as I mentioned before back in September, I was moving and I have, indeed, moved. I love my new apartment and my roommate is fantastic! We live together well and everything is working out beautifully. The day I moved in, I had an itchy throat. By the second day, I had a sore throat, and by the third day, I was full on sick. So, needless to say, my unpacking was slowed down immensely. It took me a few weeks where as it would have only took me about 3-5 days. In the end, it was all worth it. I still decorate here and there… I still have some photos I haven’t hung. Decisions, decisions. It will eventually get done when I decide the perfect spot. So, that took up my September and the beginning of October.
October brought the haunting fun of fall and Halloween. After I finished unpacking, I was finally able to dive back into my maille work and it was felt great to create again! Also, some friends got me to go with them to an event that I had never thought about going to: The Organ Grinder’s Ball. While there, I met someone who owns an art shop in Lakewood and liked my chainmaille things so much, she wants to sell my jewelry in her shop! So, things are moving in that direction, and as details are ironed out, I will update about it.
In November, I traveled to Chicago for the Midwest Furfest. Three whole days of furry fun and craziness! I had a blast and met many awesome new people! I must say, it’s a small world when you meet someone who happens to live in the same town you do. We are now friends, and through them, I have met many more awesome people! That is when my social life was boosted into hyper speed. I was invited to events and making new friends and now, on Tuesdays, I got to board game night. 🙂 I love it! I needed this!! New friends, new adventures! Also went to my first hookah bar and plan to go more often! So November was fully of crazy newness that I am still enjoying. Then, of course, there was Thanksgiving. Family gathers, eats delicious food, enjoys each others’ company… life is good.
December brought on more chaos but also more fun. I created some one of a kind pieces for my family this year for Christmas gifts and plan to make more to sell. There were some holiday parties and a great New Years party, lots of social events. Lots of creativity and lots of fun! Christmas was great with the family and life was good. Same with New Years.
Now, let’s get on with what’s going on in 2012. January, so far, has been busy with work, art, and social life. However, I’m finding more time now that the holidays are finally over. I’m preparing for Valentine’s Day sales as well as St. Patrick’s Day sales and have a few other things in the works. I plan on selling some of my prints starting in the next few weeks, with any luck. I also have updated my Events page to reflect on what I have planned so far for this year, and I plan to keep adding to it as events come to my attention. I am considering adding a calendar to that part of the site, as well as coming up with a new possible design for better functioning purposes. That is still in the works. For now it will be updated in it’s current design. I’m happy to note that I keep getting attending more and more events each year and the spectrum keeps getting wider. 🙂
Also in the works are new types of art for me. I plan to try some things with materials I haven’t worked with yet. So many ideas, so little time. Today, five people told me I should have my own podcast. Well, this isn’t the first time I’ve been told this, so supposed I should start listening. So, coming soon will be the Kuucast. I will be covering a wide variety of topics (pretty much what ever pops into my head to talk about) and I hope to have some guest co-hosts from time to time. I’m also open for suggestions!
Another thing that will be starting up soon will be ustreaming while I work on projects! You’ll be able to watch me create from time to time, ask questions, make comments, or even make requests! So if you’ve ever wanted to see me in action, this will be your chance!
To catch up on pictures, videos, or what ever else has been going on in my life, check out my Flickr, Youtube, or Twitter!
With all that said, I will bring this long post to an end. Expect more detailed posts about adventures in my life and what is going on! Expect pod/video casts (either way, it will be the Kuucast)! Expect the unexpected!!
Until next time (which will be much sooner than the last time), peace out!


2 thoughts on “First Update of 2012

  1. Cool thing! I can see you’ve been pretty busy with some great stuff. And you’ve moved in to a new apartment. Good thing to start 2012. I also plan on moving on to my own place sometime this year. Still can’t find the perfect and cheap place though. But I can pull it off. I just hope i won’t be sick when my ‘moving-in’ day happens. I don’t like delaying things. I’m glad you’re all well now. Stay beautiful! 🙂

    • Well, never push aside the idea of a roommate. My roommate situation is extremely ideal. We get along great together and he’s almost never home! I hope you get to move out on your own and start experiencing it! It’s always a chore to move, but so entirely worth it in the end! 🙂

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