The Update of all Updates

Wow! Been a good while! So, as I promised in my quick post earlier this week, here is the update of what’s been going on since my last post. Now, I remember I had mentioned that I was going to Cleveland that week. Well, that changed. A family issue came up, so it didn’t happen. This summer has been so full of fun, it’s been hard to find time to sit down and blog. I’ve considered more and more the concept of vlogging because of it. So much easier to just talk to the camera. :p However, I do like to take time to sit down and type too.
I’ve spent a lot more time than I’ve expected down at the lake this year, but it’s been worth it! I’ve had a blast this summer. An absolute blast! Lots of time has been spent out doors, hanging with friends, having picnics, watching the sunset over the lake… so many good times. 🙂

Recent adventures include the trip that I’ve been trying to make for over a year. It didn’t go exactly how I originally wanted it, but it was still great and productive. Now that is an adventure worth writing about! So, basically, the trip started with me deciding a week before hand to make the trip because everyone I wanted to see was going to be in Nashville at the same time. So, yeah. I bought a plane ticket and made the necessary arrangements as fast as I possibly could. I left work an hour early and on the way to the airport, a storm hit. A crazy storm. So crazy you couldn’t see anything around you and a bolt of lightening even hit next to the truck! So, I get to the airport only to find out that the flight I was supposed to be on on is delayed for like, two hours. This meant I was going to miss my connection in Cincinnati. That did not make me a happy camper. So, they put me on a plane going to Atlanta instead, and two flights I could catch from there. Think this is the end of my plane troubles? Oh no. Of course not. No, instead, we started circling the airport. Meanwhile, the stewardess’ kept looking out my window at the wings going “Uh-oh”. Uh-oh? Uh-oh?! That’s not something you should let a passenger hear! Then, the pilot comes over the speakers sounding extremely nervous saying that the flaps on the wings weren’t working properly and that the landing was going to be rough. And it was, but at least we arrived alive. This put me an hour past the first connection flight, but after hearing there had been a storm in Atlanta earlier, I had hope that it had been delayed. As luck had it, it was not only delayed, but just across the hall from me and leaving in five minutes! So, I quickly boarded the plane and made it to Nashville only one hour later than originally planed. Woo!
It was so good be home again. I think of Nashville as my 2nd home and it was so fantastic to see my family down there! It wasn’t a nearly long enough stay, but I did value the time I got to spend down there. On Saturday, I picked up my moving truck and my brother and sister helped me load the stuff from my storage unit and it only took about an hour. After that, in the afternoon, we drove three hours south into Alabama to watch George Burl and Elam Blackman in concert. Totally awesome concert! Of course, I’ve been a George Burl fan from the start, but now I’m also a fan of Elam. Go give them both a listen! Totally worth it!!
After the show we went back up to Nashville and went to sleep. The next morning, we put what we needed to in the back of the truck, took some pictures, and my brother, sister, and I drove back up to Ohio. I was the only driver, but I made it! Eleven hours actually isn’t that bad, especially when in awesome company. 🙂 If you think about it, I traveled through five states in three days. :p

Monday was a relaxing day after work, and then Tuesday was the day we unloaded my stuff in my storage unit up here in Ohio and returned the truck. After that, we ate at Denny’s, went home, and went to bed. Throughout the week that my brother and sister were here, we had a blast! We ate wings at my favorite place to have wings, introduced them to my friends, went to the lake, went to Mentor, and went to Cleveland. The Cleveland trip was very cool because all three of us got to do something for the first time together. We went to the 42nd floor of the Terminal Tower and was able to see all of Cleveland from the top! So many pictures were taken. You can see all of the photos from the month, my trip, and my adventures by clicking in the column on the right that my photos are in. Go take a look!

Speaking of adventures, I need to tell about what my brother and sister who came up with me in the truck are doing. They have started their travels and adventures traveling around the country on their bikes. The bikes, pictured below, also have a trailer they pull too. They’ll be couch surfing and camping out around the country, and I give them major kudos for having enough energy to do it!

I also have made some new jewelry that you can find in both my photos and purchase on my Etsy. I’ve been working hard on lots of new things and as soon as I can (hopefully this weekend) I’ll be posting them!
Well, I think that about wraps things up. New stuff, having fun, and enjoying life! If you’re not out and enjoying your summer, you should be! I know I totally am! Also, from time to time, I’ll be posting some of my poetry here. I’ve been really inspired to write again lately. 🙂 So, more updates to come, more posts, new stuff, and who knows what else! Take care all and happy summer!

Look at all the seagulls!!

Now, go out and find something like this!! 😀


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